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Bursa Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: 28 March 2023

Having assisted many investors as they acquired their dream homes all around the globe, we’re now eager to accompany you on your journey of investing in real estate in Bursa, Turkey.

Contact us to get help from our independent real estate advisors for your property search and purchase in Bursa. 

This guide includes:

Bursa Real Estate

Bursa in a Nutshell

Region: Marmara
Population: 3.147.818
Area: 10,882 km²
Distance from Main Airports: 60 km

Houses for Sale in Bursa Turkey

Why Buy Property in Bursa

There are many advantages to buying Bursa property for sale. First and foremost, Bursa is a great place to live with its mild climate and beautiful greenery. Whatever you seek in a big city, you can find in Bursa. 

But why should you invest in Bursa real estate? Here are a couple of reasons:

Affordable Real Estate

Although Bursa is the fourth largest city and regionally quite close to the largest, Istanbul, the city offers rather affordable property prices. There’s a wide range of property options, varying from budget-friendly Bursa apartments for sale to luxury villas. However, overall prices are considerably affordable compared to Istanbul and the European cities.

Developing Infrastructure

The local council of Bursa has been very busy over the past few years, in terms of rapidly enhancing the infrastructure of the city. They’ve conducted and are still working on countless projects regarding schooling, housing, tourism, transport, social amenities, and healthcare. All these developments point to a very bright future for Bursa.

Excellent Urban Planning

In newly developing cities, the greenery usually leaves its place to the concrete due to weak urban planning. This, however, is not the case in Bursa. The city has managed to keep its gardens, parks, cultural centers, and other recreational spaces; in so much that it’s commonly called “green Bursa”.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Bursa is relatively low when you consider it’s a developing city and Turkey’s fourth-largest, as well as having excellent infrastructure. Offering such a convenient standard of living, Bursa is definitely worth the cost. 

Appealing Lifestyle

Life in Bursa is a blend of the traditional and the modern, the old and the new. This blend goes for both the culture and the architecture of the city. 

Great Investment 

Considering the rapid growth of the city, developing infrastructure, and all-year-round tourism, the city is becoming a shining star among foreign investors. Offering a wide range of property options, Bursa real estate provides excellent investment opportunities to both small-scale investors and those who can fly higher. 

All in all, investing in Bursa Turkey real estate is an incredibly wise move in the long run because, in such a city that keeps rapidly advancing, the real estate prices aren’t going to drop. 

Turkish Citizenship

This may be by far the greatest advantage of buying property in Bursa for most investors. In Turkey, if you buy a property that costs at least $400,000, you become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. Moreover, Turkey allows dual citizenship, which means you can enjoy a new set of rights without renouncing your original citizenship.

Best Neighborhoods To Buy Bursa Homes


Located north of the city, the Mudanya district of Bursa brings together a stunning sea view, refreshing forests, and a prosperous historical heritage. Mudanya is an important touristic area with its charming greenery, historical monuments, and old neighborhoods that contain mosques, churches, and baths. There are also many property options in Mudanya for those who are looking to buy Bursa homes.


Osmangazi is the largest and the most crowded district in Bursa, located right at the heart of it. The district offers an excellent transportation network, the best educational and cultural institutions in the city, well-qualified healthcare facilities, and various social amenities. 

Osmangazi also offers many job opportunities due to the advanced industrial activity, and the abundance of government departments, institutions, and companies in the district. 


As one of the most tranquil and beautiful districts of Bursa, Gemlik is full of recreational spaces, luxurious residential complexes, tourist resorts, and great restaurants. 

Gemlik also offers various housing options with fair prices compared to the other districts of Bursa.


As the 3rd largest district in Bursa, Nilufer is home to the largest industrial establishments of Bursa and a vast greenery, at the same time. 

The district has proven to be the cultural hub of Bursa, with its festivals, exhibitions, celebrations, and other events.

Nilufer is rapidly growing in terms of real estate and construction, and therefore, a wise choice of location to invest in real estate. 

Finding Houses for Sale in Bursa Turkey

The houses for sale in Bursa Turkey are typically listed on real estate websites. You can check the online listings, decide on the neighborhood, and note down your favorites. Then you can contact a real estate agent to help you out with the viewings. 

Another way of finding Bursa Turkey property for sale is going for a property hunt, and checking the windows of the buildings for “For Sale” signs. 

Whichever option you choose, we strongly recommend hiring a professional agent to avoid unpleasant situations like scams. 

Useful Resources

How To Buy Bursa Turkey Property for Sale 

It’s quite effortless to buy property in Bursa. All you have to do is follow the steps that are listed below:

  • Researching online thoroughly 
  • Planning your budget in detail
  • Initiating the property search in Bursa
  • Getting house viewing appointments
  • Negotiating the price
  • Signing the contract by showing great attention to detail
  • Getting a tax number
  • Obtaining the appraisal report
  • Opening an account at a Turkish bank
  • Acquiring the title deed

Hiring a real estate agent will come in handy at this point as well. Getting professional help will ease the purchasing process, preventing you from getting overwhelmed with the paperwork and lifting the linguistic and cultural barriers. 

Contact a Real Estate Professional in Bursa, Turkey

Get Golden Visa offers an absolute service regarding the process of investment immigration. Our objective is to assist investors from around the world to acquire properties and residency in various countries, including obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate.

Reach out to our experts to support you in your property search in Bursa. 

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    Bursa Real Estate Prices

    The prices of real estate vary depending on the characteristics of the property. These characteristics include the type, size, location of the property, and the number of rooms it has. 

    However, the average property price per square meter in Bursa is $875 in the center and $555 outside the center.

    Top 10 Activities to Do in Bursa 

    For those living in Bursa, the chances of getting bored are very thin because the city offers many outdoor activities, great places to see, and excellent food and drinks. 

    Find below the top ten activities you can do in Bursa:

    • Going on the cable car to get a panoramic view of the city
    • Seeing the 600-year-old Inyaka tree
    • Visiting the Great Mosque
    • Going skiing on Mt. Uludag
    • Visiting Nicaea which is of great historical significance
    • Going for a stroll or a picnic at the Soganli Botanical Park
    • Strolling the Bursa Culture Park
    • Visiting the Green Tomb, and the Tombs of Osman and Orhan
    • Wandering around and shopping at Koza Hani
    • Seeing the village of Cumalikizik, which is a great cultural heritage of Anatolia

    Bursa Turkey Real Estate: The Wrap-up

    Besides being a great place to live with its appealing lifestyle, mild climate, refreshing greenery, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant economy, Bursa is also a great city for investing in real estate. 

    Go ahead and take action to obtain your dream house and get the chance to make a highly profitable long-term investment. Best of luck to you!

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