UPDATE: Malta Citizenship by Investment program was terminated in July 2020. The government is planning to announce a new, revised version of the program called Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) in October 2020.


    € 650,000
    12 months


Malta Citizenship by Investment

Family Reunification

Include your spouse and dependent children up to age 26

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Dual Citizenship

Malta allows for dual citizenship

Malta Citizenship by Investment

No Residence Requirement

Obtain citizenship without a minimum stay requirement

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Member of the EU

Enjoy freedom to live, work, study or travel anywhere in the EU in case of citizenship

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Visa-free Travel

To 184 countries

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Extended Family Inclusion

Include dependent parents or grandparents over 55

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Access to Public Services

Benefit from publicly funded education, healthcare and childcare

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Full Citizenship Rights

Receive full citizenship and passport


The applicant should meet the mandatory investment requirements, and select one of the investment options


  • Contributing to the National Development and Social Fund for the main applicant at the minimum value of €650, 000 and,
  • At least €150,000 investment in government approved financial instrument for 5 years


  • The purchase of a property held for minimum of 5 years and worth at least 350,000 or,
  • 5 years of lease agreement signed for a residential property
    at minimum value of €16,000 per annum

2014 – 2017

  • TOTAL INVESTMENT1,462,623,694 €


Malta Citizenship By Investment Application

Malta Citizenship by Investment

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Maltese citizens get visa-free access to 162 countries.

# 1 CBI Program
Global Citizenship Program Index 2018-19

# 36 of 140 countries
Global Competitiveness Index 2018


# 19 of 149 countries
Legatum Prosperity Index





12.54 billion USD


316 sq. km






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Malta Citizenship by Investment


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Malta Citizenship by Investment


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Malta Citizenship by Investment


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Malta Citizenship by Investment Program offers various investment options to obtain a European citizenship. The mandatory investments of the program are making a € 650.000 contribution to the National Development and Social Fund, and a making minimum of €150.000 investment in government-approved financial instruments (the investment is to be kept for 5 years). After meeting the eligibility criteria, investors may choose from these investment options: a) purchasing a real estate property that is worth a minimum of € 350.000 b) signing a lease agreement for a residential property at the minimum value of €16.000 per annum. Both mentioned investment options have to be maintained for at least 5 years. Malta Citizenship by Investment Programs offers many benefits for the applicants. The main applicant may include their family members (spouse and dependent children below the age of 26) into the program. In addition, extended family members such as depending on parent and grandparent over 55 may also be included. Malta Citizenship by Investment Program does not require residence in the country in order to maintain Maltese citizenship. After obtaining Maltese citizenship, the investors become a part of the European Union. Therefore, Malta Citizenship by Investment Program allows for free movement within the Schengen area. European passport offers the opportunity to freely live, travel, work, and study in the Schengen countries. The Maltese passport allows visa-free travel to 162 countries. The applicants and their families can benefit from the Maltese public services such as education, healthcare, and childcare services. Malta Citizenship by Investment Application Process starts with determining the investment criteria. The applicants may choose to work with the Power of Attorney throughout the legal process. The applicants and their families have to visit Malta to submit their biometric data. The e-Residence permit can be applied online with the biometric data. The citizenship application begins with gathering all the required forms and documents. These documents should be legalized, notarized and translated before submission. After the documents are completed, they are submitted to the Foreign Registrations Office at the Public Registry. The documents are evaluated and the due diligence process takes place. The approval in principle letter is received if the relevant authorities verify all of the documents. Applicants have to complete the required contribution to National Development and Social Fund. After that, according to the investment preference of an applicant, evidence of acquiring or leasing a property has to be provided. The applicant may receive their certificate of naturalization and second passports when the investment is completed. The Maltese citizenship approval takes 12 months time.

Malta Citizenship Application Process

Application for Residency: First of all, one must apply for residency in Malta. Paying the initial 5000 Euro fee with additional 1000 Euro per each family member should be enough for now.

First Day: This is when an accredited company makes the actual application on your behalf to the Maltese government regarding your residency status. This is where you will need to prove that you have the necessary 650.000 Euros for the Golden Visa Program. Diligence fees, passport fees, as well as a 10.000 Euros of that 650.000 Euros, should be paid in this time as well.

90thDay: Identity Malta goes over the presented documents and decided whether they are appropriate or not for your application. This may take an extra month.

120thDay: Your application should be approved in principle, awaiting you to do the actual investment and prove that as well.

125thDay: Identity Malta asks you to send the rest of the money of your contribution.

145thDay:This is the actual deadline of paying your all fees/investment.

240thDay: This is the stage where you should provide evidence for your purchased property, or your rental and a 150.000 Euro investment. Starting from now, in 183 days but sometimes up to two years, you should be able to get your certificate of naturalization.

Malta has a great climate, multilingual community, and relaxed lifestyle. These are the main factor that attracts many foreign investors, but there are also greater advantages of buying a house from Malta.

Your investment in Malta will give you European citizenship. Thus, investors raise their living standards. Investors have the right to travel without a visa within the EU, and they can expand their active areas and strengthen their business. It is very advantageous as investors can include their families in the program. The investor's children can study in Europe and then benefit from job opportunities in Europe. They can also benefit from public health services in Europe. Malta offers investors a peaceful and high-quality life.

The investors of Malta Individual Investor Programme are mainly from Europe and then from North America. Malta's investor visa program offers investors a wide range of investment options. The conditions for investing in Malta are as follows:

First of all, investors are required to donate at least 650,000 Euros to the National Development Fund. They are also required to invest 150,000 euros and maintain that investment for at least 5 years. The applicant can then choose between two different real estate investment options. The real estate options can be explained as follows: The investor either purchases real estate or signs a 5-year lease. The purchase of real estate has to be maintained for 5 years and the minimum investment amount is 350.000 Euros. Another option is to sign a 5-year lease agreement for at least 16,000 Euros per year. Citizenship application can be made if the investor completes all necessary steps. With a Malta passport, applicants can travel to more than 180 countries without a visa. Malta's investor visa program is very advantageous for a second citizenship and passport. Investors can start to live in one of the most peaceful countries in Europe plus they can include their families. Citizenship from Malta will also be transferred to your children and their children. Candidates wishing to invest in Malta enter Malta's unique business ecosystem and advantageous real estate market. Compared to other programs in Europe, application fees are more affordable in Malta's investor program. There are many privileges of living in Malta. Therefore, Malta has become the center of attention for many investors. Malta's economy is growing and unemployment is very low compared to other European countries. At the same time, crime rates are very low in Malta.

Frequently Asked Questions about Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

What are the eligibility criteria for the MIIP (Malta Individual Investor Program)?

Investors who are over 18 years old can apply for Malta Golden Visa through MIIP. The applicants must provide necessary documents that they are healthy, they do not carry a contagious disease, and they are not in a situation that would harm Malta’s healthcare system. They must choose and actualize an option of required investments for the program. They must pass a deliberate due diligence process in which potential defects in criminal and financial history would be exposed. The applicants must also meet with the minimum residency requirements of the program.

How does obtaining a Maltese citizenship affects individual taxation?

Malta’s taxation system does not set itself on citizenship, but domicile and residency. Therefore, people who demonstrate their intention to reside in Malta indefinitely and for more than half of each year can take advantage of the country’s taxation policies. It means that a Malta citizen who resides elsewhere only pays taxes on their financial activities in that particular country.

Does Malta allow holding dual citizenship?

Yes, Malta allows any person to hold dual citizenship. However, the country of origin might not allow dual citizenship. In that case, applicants may have to resign their other citizenship in order to obtain a Maltese passport.

Can Maltese citizenship be passed on to future generations?

As regular citizenship status, the passport obtained via MIIP is also passed on to children, meaning that children of Maltese citizens will, in any case, be European citizens. It also applies to grandchildren. Thus, yes, Maltese citizenship can be passed on to future generations.

Does MIIP require learning Maltese language?

Malta is an island that recognizes both Maltese and English as official languages. However, the program does require neither for citizenship.

Do people who became citizens through MIIP have the right to vote in Maltese elections?

Citizenship by MIIP grants successful applicants the right to vote. However, new citizens who would like to vote must reside in the country for at least 6 months in the last 18 months prior to the election.

Is Maltese citizenship obtained through MIIP revocable?

Under certain circumstances, Maltese citizenship is revocable. While obtaining a Maltese passport, applicants agree to several requirements. If these requirements and conditions are not met with continuously through the agreed 5 years, the Maltese government has the right to revoke their passport.

Is Malta a popular country in terms of tourism?

Malta is an island nation situated in the Mediterranean. Therefore, it has a great climate that is very attractive for tourists all over the world. Also historically a very rich region, Malta has its tourism responsible for 15 percent of its total GDP.

Is Malta a member of the European Union?

Yes, Malta is a full member of the EU since 2004. Full membership of the EU entails that, people who obtain a Maltese passport can live, work, and study in any member state of the EU.

Is Malta a member of the Schengen Area?

Yes, Malta is a member of the Schengen Area since 2007. In terms of visa-free travel, this is a huge benefit of Maltese passport. Schengen Area membership allows people who obtain one of the member state passports travel freely within the whole region involving 26 European countries.

Does MIIP recognize crypto-currencies as an investment method?

MIIP currently does not accept any form of crypto-currencies as a means for investment. None of the transactions in the process of MIIP, therefore, can be made using crypto-currencies.

Would investing in Malta be a good idea financially?

Malta, even in the global crisis periods, has been a country of stable economy and politics. Providing investors with a safe environment for investment, Malta performs a steady growth and thus becomes an attractive hub for investors. With its economy safe and sound, Malta offers its business people guaranteed financial growth.