Visa Free Countries for Turkish Passport

Updated: 28 March 2023

Your Guide to Getting a Turkish Passport by Investment

At Get Golden Visa, we helped hundreds obtain of investors get Turkish passports by investing in Turkey.

Contact us and speak to our citizenship advisors who can assist you with your inquiries regarding getting a Turkish passport through investment.

It’s a crystal-clear fact that Turkey is a hot spot for investors and expats. In addition to being a great country to live in with its vivid lifestyle, cultural diversity, historical heritage, and natural wonders, it also offers many opportunities. 

The citizenship by investment program in Turkey allows you to enjoy too many-to-count Turkish passport benefits like entering 110 countries visa-free. 

Read on if you want to learn more about how to get a Turkish passport, the advantages of Turkish citizenship, and the visa free countries for Turkish passport. 

This guide includes:

Turkish Passport Visa Free Territories and Countries: Key Takeaways

The Turkish passport allows you to enter 72 countries completely visa free, 35 countries by obtaining a visa upon your arrival at the destination, and three countries by acquiring an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) online. Moreover, by holding a Turkish passport, you can get a C-2 Schengen Visa or an E-2 Visa to relocate and work in the USA.

How Turkish Nationals Can Travel Without a Visa

Some nations don’t require a visa for Turkish nationals to enter. In others, they can either obtain an electronic visa (eTA) in advance of their journey or a visa upon arrival.

  • Visa Free: Turkey has visa waiver treaties with 72 countries.
  • Visa on Arrival: Travelers with a Turkish passport can travel to 35 countries by getting a visa on arrival. 
  • eTA: This is an electronic visa that Turkish citizens acquire online before their trip.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship  

There are many advantages to being a Turkish citizen, some of which are as follows:

  • It allows dual citizenship, meaning you don’t need to renounce your original citizenship.
  • You can benefit from free education and healthcare facilities that offer comprehensive service.
  • You obtain full citizenship rights including voting and standing as a candidate in the elections.
  • The process of becoming a citizen is only a matter of months.

Turkish Passport Benefits

Holding a Turkish passport is favorable in many ways, both in terms of visa free travel and providing a fast and easy route for relocating abroad. Find below some of the upsides that indicate the Turkish passport power:

  • It’s among the passports of the highest rank in the world.
  • It allows the holder to enter 110 countries without any visa requirements.
  • It’s a long-term passport that you don’t need to renew more frequently than once every 10 years.
  • It enables you to obtain an E-2 business visa to relocate to the USA and start a business there without being required to invest a predefined amount. The E-2 business visa is valid for five years and provides the holder with the opportunity to obtain a Green Card and become a citizen of the US.
  • Turkish passport holders can visit Turkey any time they like.
  • It enables you to get a C-2 visa which allows you to enter and stay up to 90 days in the Schengen area.

How to Get a Turkish Passport

There are a few ways to obtain a Turkish passport. Find below your options:

  • By descent: If you’re of Turkish descent, meaning if one or more of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents is Turkish, you get the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport.
  • By naturalization: If you’ve legally resided in Turkey for at least five years, you’re eligible to obtain a Turkish passport.
  • By investment: This is the most efficient way for acquiring a Turkish passport for people who’re of non-Turkish descent. In this case, you become eligible to apply for a Turkish passport by making a certain investment in the country.

Investment Options for Getting a Turkish Passport

To become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship and acquire a Turkish passport, you need to make one of the following investments:

  1. Purchasing property that’s at least $400,000 worth
  2. Making a business investment of a minimum of $500,000 and employing at least 50 Turkish workers
  3. Depositing at least $500,000 in a Turkish bank
  4. Purchasing investment fund units of at least $500,000 worth
  5. Purchasing government bonds of at least $500,000 worth

Purchasing real estate is the most favored option because it’s more cost-effective and profitable. If you choose one of the last three options, however, you should know that your money won’t be retrievable for at least 3 years as a condition. 

Turkey Citizenship by Investment:
The Ultimate Guide Click to read >

How Do Turkish Citizens Enter Other Countries Visa-Free?

There are three options to enter Turkish passport free visa countries. These options are as follows. 

  • Visa-free entry: There’s no visa requirement at all.
  • Visa on arrival: You don’t apply for a visa in advance but acquire it upon your arrival in the country. This type of visa is applicable only for traveling purposes.
  • eTA: You obtain an electronic visa online by paying a fee typically three to five days before the trip.

Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries: Conclusion

The Turkish passport comes in handy when you travel or relocate abroad. If you’re intrigued by the advantages of it, you can initiate the application process for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. 

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    The Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries List

    One of the Turkish passport benefits is that it provides you with the opportunity to enter visa free countries for Turkish citizens. 

    The total number of visa free countries on Turkish passport is 110, as of 2022. While 72 of these countries grant visa free entrance, 35 of them issue visas on arrival. For the remaining three countries, on the other hand, Turkish citizens are required to get electronic visas beforehand. 

    Find below the lists of the visa free countries for Turkish passport.


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    Azerbaijanup to 90 days
    Brunei30 days
    Indonesia30 days
    Iran3 months
    Jordan3 months
    Kazakhstan1 month
    Macao (SAR China)30 days
    Malaysiaup to 3 months
    Mongoliaup to 30 days
    Philippines30 days
    Qatar90 days
    Singapore30 days
    South Korea90 days
    Syriaup to 90 days
    Thailandup to 30 days
    Uzbekistan30 days
    Cambodia30 days
    Kuwait3 months (eVisa:30 days)
    Lebanon90 days
    Laos 30 days
    Maldives30 days
    Nepal90 days
    Oman10/30 days
    Tajikistan45 days granted/visa is valid for 90 days 
    Timor-Leste30 days
    Taiwan30 days
    Sri Lanka


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    Bosnia and Herzegovina90 days within a 6-month period
    North Macedonia30 days
    Albania90 days
    Ukraine90 days within a 6-month period
    Montenegro90 days
    Moldova90 days
    Kosovo90 days
    Belarus30 days
    Serbia90 days


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    El Salvador3 months
    Belize3 months
    Chile3 months
    Brazil90 days
    Bolivia90 days
    Colombia3 months
    Costa Rica90 days
    Ecuador 90 days
    Argentina3 months
    Guatemala90 days
    Uruguay90 days
    Nicaragua90 days
    Panama180 days
    Paraguay 90 days
    Peru 6 months
    Honduras3 months
    Venezuela 90 days
    Mexico30 days


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    Botswana3 months
    Eswatini30 days
    The Gambia 90 days
    Mauritius90 days
    Morocco3 months
    Sao Tome and Principe15 days
    South Africa30 days
    Tunisia90 days
    Cape Verde 30 days
    Comoros45 days
    Gabon90 days
    Guinea-Bissau30 days
    Kenya3 months
    Madagascar 90 days
    Mauritania 6 months
    Mozambique30 days
    Rwanda30 days
    Senegal 90 days
    Seychelles3 months
    Sierra Leone30 days 
    Somalia30 days
    Tanzania3 months
    Togo 7 days
    Uganda90 days
    Zambia90 days
    Zimbabwe3 months


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    Fiji4 months
    Micronesia90 days
    Vanuatu30 days
    Marshall Islands 90 days
    Palau30 days
    Samoa60 days
    Tonga31 days
    Tuvalu1 month


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    Antigua and Barbuda6 months
    Bahamasup to 8 months
    Barbados6 months
    Dominica21 days
    Dominican Republic90 days
    Trinidad and Tobago90 days
    Haiti90 days
    Jamaica3 months
    Saint Kitts and Nevis3 months
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines30 days
    Saint Lucia3 months


    CountryVisa FreeVisa on arrivaleTANotes
    The British Virgin Islands30 days
    Cook Islands31 days
    Hong Kong90 days
    Niue30 days
    Turks and Caicos Islands90 days
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