How To Get Citizenship in Turkey: Turkish Nationality

Updated: 30 March 2023

Your Guide to Turkey Citizenship by Investment

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Surrounded by sea on three sides, Turkey is one of the most favorable countries in the world to live in. The country has a rich culture and the Turkish people are famous for their hospitality. The country is also a center of attraction in terms of investment in metropolitan areas and attractiveness in tourism. 

These are some of the main reasons why foreigners prefer settling in Turkey. The country offers opportunities in terms of a professional career and as a potential retirement destination. Nevertheless, if you feel like Turkey is one place where you could feel at home, irrespective of what stage of life you are in, there are many things to consider. For starters, how to get Turkey nationality? 

In this ultimate guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Turkish nationality and how to get citizenship in Turkey.

This article covers:

Benefits of Having a Turkish Passport

Turkey is a nation with a beautiful history and a great future. Therefore, having a Turkish passport is a source of pride for many people, which they consider a real gift. The country is a combination of the ancient and modern western world. Therefore, getting Turkish citizenship holds many benefits. 

So, what makes Turkey so desirable? Let’s find out.

Get Full Medical Assistance

One of the main benefits of being a Turkish citizen is the medical services. You get complete medical assistance and access to its healthcare systems once you become a Turkish citizen. This means that you and your family are entitled to benefit from all the medical rights. Healthcare in Turkey comprises a mix of private and public health services, which are top-notch. What’s more important is that emergency care is available for free for Turkish residents, including those who don’t have state health insurance. 

Live, Work, and Study in Turkey

One of the biggest reasons why people are moving to Turkey is that the Turkish passport gives you and your family the right to live, study, and work in the country. For starters, there are free education and university reimbursement plans for students. If you’re a student or have children, you can avail of its benefits. Also, you can benefit from pension programs as a Turkish citizen. Overall, you and your family can enjoy the Turkish high-standard lifestyle. 

Get Travel Visas Easily

Turkish citizens can easily get Schengen, UK, or USA travel visas if they submit the right documentation. If you’re from a country where getting a visa is difficult, being a Turkish citizen will help. Plus, you can enjoy visa-free travel to many countries with your Turkish passport. These countries include Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and many other Latin American countries. You can also visit many countries in the Balkan region without a visa.

Access to the USA by E-2 Visa

Turkey has a treaty with the USA that allows Turkish citizens to apply for an E-2 investor visa. Once you become a Turkish citizen, you can be eligible to apply for an E-2 visa. This visa helps you get residency in the USA.

Enjoy a High-Quality Life at Affordable Costs

Turkey is cheaper than many European countries. So if you want to be close to Europe, but spend less, Turkey is an ideal base. Housing, food, and utilities are cheaper in Turkey, especially if you have income in foreign currency. 

Turkish Passport “Power”

The Turkish passport ranks 52nd in the world for visa-free access. As of 2021, Turkish passport holders can travel to 111 countries without requiring a visa, including a visa on arrival and electronic travel authorization.

How To Get Turkish Nationality: Routes To Getting a Turkish Passport

There are alternative routes to getting citizenship in Turkey. The most popular option is citizenship by investment. As the program is cheaper and quicker compared to other programs, many investors show a great interest in Turkish citizenship by investment scheme. The lack of stay requirements and language tests is another benefit of the program. 

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship by investment is available in different investment types. These include property acquisition, capital transfer, or the creation of jobs. Note that it usually takes three to four months to complete the process and get your passports.

Getting a Turkish Passport by Property Acquisition

Property acquisition is one of the most popular investment options. As the Turkish real estate market is growing, many foreign investors choose to buy a house in Turkey, either for investment or to live in.

The requirement is to buy a property worth a minimum of $400,000.

Getting a Turkish Passport by Capital Transfer

If you wish, you can also take the route of capital transfer to get a Turkish passport. The minimum capital investment amount is $500,000. The transfer can either be completed as a deposit in a Turkish bank, a contribution to government bonds, or an investment in fund shares.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Creating Jobs

Creating employment for Turkish citizens is another way of getting citizenship in Turkey. The main requirement is to employ at least 50 Turkish people.

Turkey Citizenship by Invesment:
The Ultimate Guide Click to Read >

How To Get Citizenship in Turkey – Real Estate Investment Route

Step 1. Choose a Property

The first step is choosing the property you want to purchase. Turkey’s real estate market offers different alternatives for different criteria and needs.

Once you choose the property, you can execute a power of attorney. This step is optional though.

Step 3. Complete the Property Investment

After you sign the promissory sale and purchase agreement, make the sale transaction and complete your investment.

Step 4. Submit Your Documents

After the first three steps have been completed, the documents will need to be submitted for residency permit application. For this, obtain the real estate value assessment report and certificate of conformity first.

Step 5. Get Your Citizenship Approval

After the requirements have been completed, get your Turkish citizenship. You can now apply and get a Turkish passport.

How To Get Turkey Citizenship: Other Routes 

If you’re wondering how to get citizenship of Turkey, note that the other options are naturalization and marriage.


As a foreign national, you can apply for naturalization if the given conditions are met, such as:

  • You have an adequate command of the Turkish language,
  • You’re no threat to public order or national security,
  • You’ve been living in Turkey for a continuous period of 5 years,
  • You have a good character.

Marriage to a Turkish Citizen

If you marry a Turkish citizen, you can be eligible for Turkish citizenship after three years. The main criteria are as follows:

  • You’re still married during the time of application,
  • You’re in engaging in any activity that contradicts your union,
  • You’re not in a situation that is a danger to the nation.

Dual Citizenship in Turkey

Turkey allows dual and multiple citizenships, irrespective of the country you belong to. There is no need to renounce your old passport of your country of origin. So, it’s a benefit for you if you wish to stay in your native country while investing in Turkey. 

Turkish Passport Costs

Once you’ve acquired Turkish citizenship, you can apply to get a Turkish passport. A Turkish passport valid for six months will cost you around $45. If you want to get a 10-year valid one, the amount is $145.

How To Become a Citizen of Turkey: Military Service for Turkish Male Citizens

The biggest question that many ask is whether they have to do military service or not. The law states that every male citizen aged between 20 and 41 is required to do military duty. If you’ve served the military in your country, you can show the documents and get exempted from the Turkish military service. If you apply for citizenship after you’re 22 years old, you’re exempted from military service.

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