Turkey Citizenship for Indians

Updated: 28 March 2023

Your Guide to Turkish Citizenship by Investment

At Get Golden Visa, we helped hundreds obtain of investors from India to get citizenship by investment in Turkey.

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Turkey is a popular destination for investors from all around the world. Due to the great climate, rich culture, vivid lifestyle, and beautiful nature in Turkey, many foreigners want to relocate there and become a citizen. 

Considering its strategic location and economic structure, Turkey is an excellent fit for those who are looking to get citizenship by investment. The abundance of job and business opportunities, on the other hand, is a shiny, juicy cherry on top. Hence, there’s no wonder Turkish citizenship by investment is in such demand. 

The program that allows acquiring Turkey citizenship by investment was announced in 2016 and took effect in January 2017, in order to encourage real estate and direct investments by foreigners in Turkey.

This article includes:

Turkey Citizenship by Investment for Indian Citizens

The citizenship by investment program is becoming popular also among Indian investors who are looking to find new business opportunities. Immigration to Turkey from India is getting trendy among Indian business people due to the convenient environment that Turkey provides for the establishment and financial growth of new businesses.

Moreover, citizenship in Turkey for Indian investors is an appealing opportunity since Turkey is a member of the IMF, UN, the World Bank, and Nato. Read on to find out about Turkey citizenship for Indian citizens if you’re an investor who’s planning to migrate to Turkey from India.

Who’s Eligible for Citizenship in Turkey for Indian Citizens?

There are a few criteria that the applicants should meet in order to be eligible for Turkey nationality for Indian citizens. The requirements for being an eligible applicant are as follows:

  • Having lived in Turkey for a minimum of 5 years
  • Being in good health
  • Understanding and speaking Turkish on a proficient level
  • Having no criminal record and posing no threat to Turkey’s national security
  • Being financially stable on the required level
  • Demonstrating an outstanding moral character

Advantages of Turkey Citizenship for Indian Investors

Turkey is a great place to live for foreigners in general due to its historical significance, living standards, and the great variety of opportunities it offers. Besides these perks, there are many other advantages to becoming a Turkish citizen for Indian investors. 

Find below some of the great benefits of citizenship in Turkey for Indians: 

  • The chance to travel visa-free to 111 countries, whereas the number of countries that Indian citizens are allowed to travel to visa-free is 60 (as of 2022)
  • High quality of life
  • Excellent free education facilities
  • Access to the healthcare system
  • Safe environment
  • The right to benefit from the retirement plans and pension programs that the Turkish government provides
  • The abundance of business opportunities
Visa-free destinations, including visa on arrival and eTA (as of 2022)Eligible for USA E2 Treaty VisaCapital Control
Indian Passport60NoYes
Turkish Passport110YesNo
Turkey Passport vs. Indian Passport

Speak to Our Independent Advisors in Turkey

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    Requirements for Turkey Citizenship by Investment for Indian Citizens

    The applicants that apply for Turkey citizenship by investment for Indian citizens are required to follow some steps and deliver some documents for their applications to be valid.

    Documents Required To Apply for Turkish Citizenship for Indian Investors

    One of the most crucial steps of the application for Turkey citizenship for Indian citizens is gathering all the required documents. The documents that applicants must submit are as follows:

    • Birth certificate
    • Passport or other proof of ID
    • Document of civil registration
    • Employment certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Receipts of service fee payments

    Steps To Apply for Turkish Citizenship

    1. Make sure you meet the criteria for eligibility
    2. Fill out the application form and collect all the required documents
    3. Submit your application form and documents to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration, and be sure to have paid the application fee
    4. Upon the approval of your application by the authorities, you can apply for a Turkish passport

    The Cost of Turkey Citizenship by Investment for Indian Citizens

    To become an eligible applicant for Turkish citizenship, Indian citizens must realize one of the multiple investment types listed below:

    • Purchasing Turkish government bonds: a minimum of $500,000
    • Buying a property: at least $400,000 worth
    • Investing in fixed capital: a minimum of $500,000
    • Investing in a Turkish bank: $500,000
    • Investing in a Turkish real estate trust or making a Turkish venture capital investment bond purchase: $500,000

    Among these options, buying property in Turkey seems to be the most popular one because it’s less costly and real estate in Turkey is a field where you can always make a profit.


    How can an Indian citizen get Turkish citizenship?

    Other than obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, Indian citizens can become Turkish citizens by descent or through naturalization. The previous grants Turkey nationality for Indian citizens who have a Turkish ancestor among their parents, grandparents, or in some cases great grandparents, whereas the latter means becoming eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship after having lived in Turkey for a certain period of time. The process of naturalization can involve marriage or work. 

    Can Indians get PR in turkey?

    Apart from Turkey citizenship for Indian Muslim citizens, Indians can also get permanent residency in Turkey after having lived there for eight years and holding a residency permit. 

    Can an Indian citizen buy citizenship in Turkey?

    Indian citizens can acquire Turkish citizenship by investing a certain amount in Turkish real estate, government bonds, a Turkish bank, or making a direct capital transfer. The minimum amount of investment changes between $400,000 and $500,000 depending on the type of investment you choose to make. 

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