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The USA Investor Visa: EB5 Cost 

The EB5 is a type of investor visa that grants a US residency permit to its holders. Holding an EB5 Visa enables you and your dependents to obtain Green Cards and become permanent residents in the United States. 

You need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the EB5 Investor Visa for the USA. Read on to learn about the financial aspects of the eligibility criteria and the US investor visa cost.

This guide covers:

Required EB 5 Visa Investment Amount

The EB5 investment cost is the most pricey aspect of the EB5 application process. To become an eligible applicant for US residency, you’re required to make an investment that meets at least the required minimum amount. 

You can invest in an already existing business, buy an existing business the value of which amounts to that of the required investment, or establish a new business. Furthermore, your investment can be in the form of cash, inventory, cash equivalents, equipment, or tangible property.

EB5 Investment Amount

There are two investment options for EB5 Visa applicants. These options and the relevant EB5 minimum investment amounts are as follows:

  • An investment of at least $800,000 in a Targeted Employment Area (a rural area or high-unemployment area where the unemployment rate is at least 150% of the national average)
  • A direct investment of $1,05 million in a US commercial enterprise

EB5 Visa Costs

In addition to the EB5 investment amount, there are various other expenses that the EB5 application process demands. Find below a list of additional costs you need to pay to obtain an EB5 Visa:

1. USCIS Form I-526 Filing Fee
2. USCIS Form I-829 Filing Fee
3. Legal Fees of the Immigration Lawyer
4. Adjustment of Status Fee/Immigrant Visa Application Fee
5. EB5 Business Plan Costs
6. Administration Fee for Regional Center
7. Formation of Business Entity
8. Translation of Documentation 

1. USCIS Form I-526 Filing Fee

Form I-526, or in other words the Immigrant Petition for Alien Entrepreneur, is a form you need to file with the USCIS during your EB5 application process. The USCIS charges you $3,675 for filing the said form. 

2. USCIS Form I-829 Filing Fee

Upon entering the United States with an immigrant visa, you’re considered a conditional resident for two years. To remove the conditions on your resident status and become a permanent resident, you need to file a Form I-829 within the last 3 months of that 2-year period. The USCIS charges you $3,750 for filing the said form and you’re required to pay an extra $85 as a fee for biometrics.

Hiring an immigration lawyer in the EB5 visa acquisition process is not mandatory, however, strongly suggested because it eases the process which is rather complex. An immigration lawyer charges you some fee for handling, preparing, and filing your EB5 case.

4. Adjustment of Status Fee/Immigrant Visa Application Fee

Following the approval of your Form I-526, you’re required to apply either for an adjustment of status or an immigrant visa. You apply for the first—filing the Form I-485—if you’re in the US but with non-immigrant status, and you apply for the latter—filing the Form DS-260— if you’re outside the US. The fees for these forms are respectively $1,225 and $345 per person. 

5. EB5 Business Plan Costs

If you prefer making a direct investment, you need to deliver an EB5 business plan attached to your Form I-526. The typical average cost for an EB5 business plan is $3,500.

6. Administration Fee for Regional Center

If you rather make an investment through a regional center, the relevant center carries out all the business-related tasks including the EB5 employment creation. The typical average administration fee that the regional centers charge you is between $50,000 and $70,000, without requiring an additional business plan cost.

7. Formation of Business Entity

If you make a direct investment, one of your options is to establish a new business. It’s in your best interest to work with a related company or a lawyer through such a process. The fee varies depending on who you choose to work with.

8. Translation of Documentation 

The EB5 application process involves an overwhelmingly large number of documents including personal, financial, and project documentation. All the non-English documents attached to your case should be translated into English. The fee for translation varies depending on which company you work with. 

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Get Golden Visa is a company that provides its clients with thorough investment immigration consultation. To this day, we’ve assisted numerous investors to obtain residency or citizenship by investment all around the world. 

We’ve also paved the way for many to relocate to the US with an EB5 Visa by offering our advisory services throughout their preparation and application process. 

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    EB5 Investor Visa Cost: The Wrap-Up

    Although it’s a little complex and costly process, EB5 is an excellent way to obtain a green card to become a permanent resident in the United States, and hence worth the paperwork and the expenses. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Investor Visa USA Cost

    How much does an EB 5 visa cost?

    You need to file Form I-526 in order to apply for an EB5 Visa. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services charges you a fee of $3,675 to file this form.

    How much is the EB5 investment amount? 

    There are two investment options to qualify for the EB5 Visa: direct investment in a commercial enterprise and investment through a regional center in a Targeted Employment Area. The EB5 minimum investment amount for each is $1,05 million and $800,000, respectively.

    How much is the overall investor visa USA cost?

    In addition to the EB 5 visa investment amount—the minimum amount for which is either $1,05 million or $800,000—there are a number of other costs and fees you’re required to pay. These include the USCIS Form I-526 filing fee ($1,345), immigration lawyer legal fee (variable), Adjustment of Status fee or Immigrant Visa Application fee ($1,225/$345), USCIS Form I-829 filing fee ($3,750), administration fee for the regional center ($50,000-$70,000), the EB5 business plan costs (∼$3,500), formation of business entity expenses (variable), and document translations (variable).

    How much does an EB5 green card cost?

    To get a permanent residency permit, you first need to get a conditional permanent residency. For the conditional permanent residency that’s valid for 2 years, you file a Form I-526 by paying a fee that amounts to $3,675. Within the last 3 months of this 2-year-period, you need to file a Form I-829 to remove the conditions on your status and become a permanent citizen, which costs an extra $3,750.

    Can I take a loan for my EB5 investment?

    Yes, you can take a loan for your EB5 investment on the condition that you show the source of your loan. 

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