EB5 Investment Requirements

EB5 Visa Requirements

Updated: 28 March 2023

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EB5 Visa Requirements

The EB5 is a type of visa that grants entrepreneurs and investors residence permits in the USA. To meet the EB5 eligibility criteria, the applicants are required to make a qualifying investment in a US firm and create employment for US workers. 

By holding an EB5 visa, you and your dependents—spouse and children under 21—can obtain a green card that allows you to reside in the USA permanently.

Read on to learn about the requirements you need to meet to become an eligible applicant to relocate to the USA by obtaining the EB5 Investor Visa. 

This guide covers:

What Are the EB5 Investment Requirements? 

You have two investment options to choose from in order to meet the EB5 requirements. These options are as follows: 

  • A direct investment amounting to $1,05 million in a US commercial enterprise outside the Targeted Employment Areas
  • An investment amounting to $800,000 in the Targeted Employment Area

Both types of investments can be made in the form of cash, tangible property, equipment, cash equivalents, or inventory. 

Targeted Employment Area (TEA)

The TEA refers to rural areas, high-unemployment areas, or infrastructure projects. If you choose to invest in a business entity in one of these areas, the required investment amount decreases from $1,05 million to $800,000. However, for your TEA investment to qualify, you’re required to create at least 10 full-time employment opportunities for US citizens in the following two years as a condition.

The following are the rules of TEA:

  • High-unemployment area: Minimum 150 percent of the national average unemployment rate 
  • Rural area: An area outside the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) that has a population under 20,000
  • Job Creating Entity JCE is required for both areas so as to create employment

Source of Funds

For your investment to qualify, you’re required to deliver proof showing that your income derives from a reliable source. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services examines the income of each EB5 investor thoroughly to prevent money laundering.

The investment you make in order to qualify for the EB5 Visa should be traceable and sourced legally.

EB5 Employment Creation Requirements

The USCIS demands the full-time employment of 10 US citizens by the EB5 investor within the two years following their reception of the conditional permanent residency.

According to EB5 criteria, you are required to exhibit proof that your investment resulted in the creation of the 10 direct employment within the company that you’ve invested in. Those who made an investment via regional centers, on the other hand, can refer to the 10 induced or indirect jobs that were created through their investment. 

EB5 Regional Center Requirements 

As an EB5 investor, you’re free to choose to invest individually or via regional centers. Regional centers create investor pools and introduce these investors to businesses in the process of being established that need funding. There are two crucial entities that are involved in the regional center investments.

These two entities are as follows: 

  • New Commercial Enterprise (NCE): The entity the immigrant invests in
  • Job Creating Entity (JCE): The entity that loans or invests EB funds to create employment

EB5 Requirements: Documentation

There’s certain documentation that you’re required to provide for your application for the EB5 Visa to be valid. These documents are as follows:

  • A valid passport 
  • Copy of personal and family member passports
  • Household registration documents
  • Evidence of any former immigration applications
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Documentation that proves business ownership
  • Business License(s) 
  • Proof regarding the source of the investment sum
  • Business plan in detail
  • Organizational documents and agreement of partnership
  • Position/Title statement and duty descriptions
  • Tax Returns and Bank Statements for the last 5 years
  • Documentation regarding any other sources of capital
  • Approved I-526 petition proving you’ve initiated the investment process

Project Documentation:

  • Documentation proving that the required investment has been made
  • Documentation proving that the relevant business is established in a TEA
  • Documentation that demonstrates the said investment into the RC will create a minimum of 10 direct/indirect full-time employment

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Speak to EB5 Visa Experts

    How To Apply for the EB5 Visa

    Upon meeting the EB 5 Visa money requirements, you only need to follow a few more steps to become a valid applicant. Here’s what you need to do after finalizing your investment:

    • Filling out the Form I-526 and making your application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    • USCIS reviews your application and forwards it to the NVC (National Visa Center)
    • The NVC instructs you on how and where to pay the necessary fees and submit the required papers
    • The NVC instructs you on how and where to pay the necessary fees and submit the required papers, and you do as you’re instructed
    • You apply for the EB5 Visa and get interviewed for it at the US Embassy
    • If all goes well, you’ll be issued your Immigrant Investor Visa by the US Embassy

    EB 5 Visa Requirement: Conclusion

    The process of obtaining an EB5 Visa is not a piece of cake. However, it’s not something that can be carried through so long as you get help from professionals. 

    The residency permit that the EB5 Visa enables you to have may lead to obtaining a Green Card, which is incredibly advantageous. The US passport provides you with a stream of privileges that are definitely worth making a solid investment for.

    Frequently Asked Questions About EB5 Investment Requirements

    What is the minimum investment for EB-5 visa eligibility?

    There are two investment options you can choose from to qualify for the EB5 Investor Visa for the USA: direct investment in a US commercial enterprise or investment in a TEA/regional center. The minimum investment amount required for the first is $1,05 million whereas it’s $800,000 for the latter.

    How does the EB5 program work?

    The EB5 program is an investor visa program that allows those who make a specific investment in the United States commercial enterprises to become eligible for conditional permanent residency. It’s beneficial for both the investor and the US economy.

    Who can apply for an EB5 investor visa?

    Anyone from any country in the world can apply for the EB5 Investor Visa so long as they meet the EB5 criteria.

    What is the EB 5 visa requirement for regional centers?

    If you choose to invest in a regional center, the minimum investment amount is $800,000. However, there’s an additional administration fee that the relevant regional center charges you to conduct the business-related tasks that are part of your investment process. This administration fee varies between $50,000 and $70,000.

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