Four Locations in Portugal to Own Real Estate Through Golden Visa Program

Four Locations in Portugal to Own Real Estate Through Golden Visa Program

Portugal offers a quite healthy selections of places for you to buy your own real estate so that you too can apply for its wonderful Golden Visa program. The following are some of the best spots in Portugal that you should consider investing in.


Where else but the capital of the country to begin our list. It is the biggest and busiest city Portugal has to offer since it is well on its way to become a global business center it is not hard to find other expats like yourself. The city offers a vast array of neighborhoods ranging from super rich condos to much more affordable apartments, and anything in between. Lisbon is frequented by a lot of tourists and it already has a respectable number of immigrants which gives it a rather international vibe. 


Algarve is found on the southern tip of the nation and is home to most of the tourist hot spots of the country, especially the seaside related ones. Portugal as a whole has a very temperate climate but Algarve itself boasts and even better and cozier temperature all around the year. This means that most of its touristy activities such as swimming in its azure coves and enjoying sailing on its beautiful high seas can be achieve all year around. If the investors do not wish to live here, it is also one of the easier regions in Portugal to rent your home to tourists of all sorts.


Portugal is not just a country on one corner of the Iberian peninsula, but also a nation of some islands that are found all over the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. Azores are found somewhere between Portugal proper and Bermuda Island that belongs to the United Kingdom. They are a collection of subtropical islands that offer their visitors some scenic beaches and clean waters. Buying a house here not only means that you will have a great summer house far away from the troubles of the world, but also one that you can still quite easily reach from all around thee world.


The northern region of Portugal with its capital Porto has always been synonymous with winemaking and culture. This part of the country also receives a lot of tourists from all over the world, mostly those that are on a more gastronomical journey. It also boasts a rather well developed transportation system and even a proper metro in the much smaller city of Porto that can rival the one in Lisbon. Buying a house in the northern part of Portugal could be step on the right direction for when you are retired and you want to live in a picturesque town with great culinary traditions.

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