Alfama Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: 28 March 2023

If you’re looking for a local lifestyle in Lisbon, Alfama might be the ideal district for you. Alfama is the oldest surviving district in Lisbon that’s perfect for you. Being close to downtown and its growing popularity makes it a promising location to invest in property there today. It’s close enough to the center of everything you’ll need and yet still gives you peace when you’re ready for some downtime.

Buying a House in Alfama

The Alfama district of Lisbon is located on the hills outside the capital, and it has countless old cobbled streets that are perfect for exploring. Alfama district is a prime location for real estate in Lisbon. Prices have been stable, making it an attractive place to buy the property or rent out homes and apartments.

Alfama Real Estate

Why Buy a House in Alfama

Since it’s close to central Lisbon without being in it, Alfama will also appeal to people that would otherwise not be able to afford high prices in the center. The weather is nice year-round, and the views are spectacular. Mountainsides that surround Alfama provide plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, or just hanging out with friends.

Here is why you should buy a house in Alfama.

Rich History

The history of this neighborhood is alive. Old buildings, monuments, and churches tell the story that makes you feel like a time traveler in Alfama. If you want to experience Lisbon’s rich past, choose to live here.

Well Connected

The neighborhood is well connected to other parts of the city, so you can explore Lisbon without needing a car. There are plenty of transportation options available in Alfama, including historic trams and walking distance access to Baixa’s central area.

Route to Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa Program and the growth of major corporations in Lisbon have contributed to its rising popularity among international investors. Portugal is one of the top real estate markets within Europe, so buying a property could be beneficial for you if you’re looking to get a European residency.

Portugal Golden Visa:
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What To Pay Attention to When Buying a House in Alfama

Lisbon has a rich culture with perfect weather, which makes it an ideal place to settle in for the rest of your life. Investing in Lisbon real estate (Alfama) is key when considering where you want to live long-term. Many factors such as prices and neighborhoods make this challenging without guidance from someone experienced who speaks Portuguese fluently.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a house in Alfama.


All Lisbon neighborhoods are unique and offer their special features. Alfama welcomes tourists as well as expats who are always on the lookout for properties with ample rental opportunities. For negotiating purposes, do extensive research on property pricing. Also, look for nearby parks, cafes, malls, schools, and other amenities. These will assist you to narrow down your search for the appropriate property.

Property Details

Get to know the age of the home and inspect its heating system before investing. Inspecting an older house can help you get more insight into what kind of work it requires. Making technical due diligence is useful as it helps you to estimate current and future costs.

For further reading, please refer to our ultimate guide on Buying Property in Portugal.


Make sure you have all the documents before sealing the deal on your new property. It is an essential part when acquiring ownership, as one missing document may lead to big problems. This is why we always recommend working with professionals before making an expensive investment. 

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    Things To Do in Alfama

    If you’re in Alfama, here are some best things to do!

    • Visit Fado Museum, UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage
    • Dine in the Fado house
    • Visit the extravagant Sé Cathedral
    • Enjoy open air café in Miradouro da Graça


    This is a quick look at the real estate market in Alfama. We hope you’ve found this article to be informative and entertaining. Check out our Lisbon Real Estate guide if you want to learn more about the other neighborhoods in this beautiful capital.

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