Cost of Living in Lisbon

Updated: 30 March 2023

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Portugal. The low cost of living in Lisbon makes it an even more attractive place to live in. Compared to many other capitals in Europe, Lisbon is a lot more affordable. On that note, if you are planning to settle down in the city, here is a brief rundown of all the major costs.

In this article, we’re going to cover the following:

Rent Costs and Property Prices in Lisbon

Properties for rent and sale in Lisbon are both still pretty affordable compared to other major cities in Europe.

Lisbon Rent Prices

According to the data from Idealista in April 2022, the average rent for an apartment in Lisbon is €16.85 per m².

Please see the chart below for the average rent for different types of properties in Lisbon:

1 bedroom apartment in the center3 bedroom apartment in the center1 bedroom apartment off-center3 bedroom apartment off-center

Property Prices in Lisbon

If you want to buy a house in Lisbon and live there, the average price would be €5,565 per m², according to Idealista statistics. Lisbon offers different neighborhoods with different characteristics and has options both for families and single residents.

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Food Prices 

To have a better understanding of the average cost of living in Lisbon Portugal, you will have to factor in food prices as well. Food is typically pretty affordable in Lisbon, particularly meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. So, for your groceries, a budget of €300 to €400 per month would suffice, which includes even a bit of luxury spending.  

Meat costs around €7 to 10, and the price of chicken is around €5.  

Now, in addition to all these, good wine costs less than €10 in Lisbon. So, on average, you will find fairly good quality wine for €5 to €7. But do not let that give you the impression that Lisbon does not have rare wines. In fact, you will find some old and rare wines whose price can reach as high as a few thousand Euros. Also, a bottle of beer starts from €1 in the supermarkets.

We’ve prepared the below table to give you a better understanding of the average prices in supermarkets. The data used for this table has been collected from Numbeo.

Milk (regular), (1 liter)€0.66
Loaf of White Bread (500g)€0.90
Rice (white), (1kg)€0.95
Eggs (regular) (12)€1.66
Local Cheese (1kg)€7.10
Chicken Fillets (1kg)€4.71
Beef Round (1kg)€8.14
Apples (1kg)€1.72
Banana (1kg)€1.05
Oranges (1kg)€1.27
Tomato (1kg)€1.63
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)€4.00
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)€1.63

Restaurants and Eating out 

In Lisbon, you will find both inexpensive and mid-range restaurants, along with fast-food joints. So, a meal at any inexpensive eatery will cost you around €8, while a mid-range restaurant would be nearly €30. At a fast-food joint, the meal prices are around €6. If you add a water bottle and beer to the meal, you will have to spend €3 and €3.50 more, approximately. 

Cost of Utilities 

It is important to consider the average cost of utilities per month if you want to understand the living cost in Lisbon Portugal. Now, the monthly prices you incur might vary based on how much you use the utilities in a month and the total area of your house.  

In general, basic utilities consisting of electricity, cooling, heating, water, and garbage for an 85 sq. meter apartment would be around €110. A minute of local prepaid mobile tariff, without any plan or discount, would be €0.16. Then, internet of 60 Mbps or more is priced at nearly €35. 

Transportation Costs 

Buses are widely used as a form of public transport in Lisbon, and using them will reduce your cost of living in Lisbon Portugal. Bus tickets are priced from €1 to €5. You can easily move around Lisbon on a public bus. There are plenty of intercity buses available too. 

Additionally, Lisbon has metro lines that connect different parts of the city to the municipalities and neighborhoods nearby. In most cases, metro tickets range from €1.20 to €2.50. A monthly pass will cost you around €30 to €40.  

Train lines are present in Lisbon as well, and they are called the urban lines. These lines are connected to the regional lines. There are affordable taxis available in Lisbon, along with modern-day alternatives like MyTaxi, Cabify, and Uber. The average taxi fare in Lisbon begins at about €3, and it keeps increasing at the rate of €0,50 per kilometer.  

Educational Costs 

Basic education is free for Portuguese citizens and legal residents. But if you choose a private school, Lisbon life cost will be high for you. Private Portuguese schools will cost at least €800 to €1,500 every month between the primary and high school, along with book fees and enrolment charges.  

Also, you have the option of choosing an international school in Lisbon. For these schools, the average fee is nearly €1,500 per month, though it varies from one school to another. You will have to factor in enrolment fees and other necessary costs like uniforms, books, and so on.  

Private universities are also costlier than public universities. The Portuguese public universities have a fee limit that is subject to yearly change. As per recent records, the maximum fee is nearly €900. The fees are not the same for private universities though. On average, private Portuguese universities cost around €3,000 per year. 

Healthcare Costs 

Healthcare costs should not worry you much because public healthcare is almost free in Portugal, with a surprisingly low cost for legal residents and citizens. Only a couple of procedures need a small fee. Such procedures might include going to the family doctor, going to the emergency room, taking diagnostic exams, or getting certain doctor appointments. Routine checkup has to be included in Lisbon Portugal living cost. A medical exam typically costs around €40, whereas medical procedure costs start from €5. 

Naturally, public healthcare is a lot cheaper than private healthcare. You will have to pay the average price of €40 to €50 for doctors’ appointments in case of private healthcare. On average, private insurances cost €400 annually. If you select a comprehensive insurance plan, the prices are pretty high at €1,000.  

Portugal Golden Visa

If you want to invest in Lisbon, Portugal, you might consider getting a Portugal Golden Visa, which grants you residency in return for an investment. Golden Visa is one of the most preferred routes of getting residency in Portugal thanks to its low stay requirements and multiple investment options.

The most popular investment routes for getting Portugal Golden Visa include the following:

  • Investment in real estate in Portugal — starts from €280,000
  • Subscription to Portugal Golden Visa funds — starts from €500,000

Donations that start from €250,000 and company creation in Portugal are some of the other routes that will qualify you for residency.

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Lisbon Life Cost: Conclusion

Hopefully, you have a clear idea about the cost to live in Lisbon Portugal by now. So, go ahead and start by looking for an apartment for yourself in this breathtaking Portuguese city. Good luck!

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