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2020 Maybe an Even Better Year to Buy a Real Estate in Spain

Updated: 12 July 2021

Spain has been an investor’s paradise recently thanks to its booming real estate market but 2020 may just be the best year of all to start investing in this Mediterranean country. Spanish Golden Visa makes it easier for its foreign investors to get residency in Spain which is why a lot of non-European individuals (and increasingly a lot of Englishmen fearing the Brexit) are seeking out prime Spanish properties to both make a good investment and benefit from the Spanish Golden Visa.  

Property Prices are on the Rise

Spanish real estate prices were on the rise in the last few years but their rise will continue onwards in 2020 according to statistics. In 2018, on average, housing prices went up by 6.7 percent and that is not just a single lucky year for Spanish real estate market. In fact, the Spanish real estate prices were increasing non-stop in the last five years that followed up to 2018. Perhaps more importantly, this rise was the biggest one after 2007’s, just before the economic crisis in 2008, which means that the Spanish economy is almost completely recovered and such increases to the prices will more than likely be dwarfed by upcoming ones. 

Tourism Industry Continues to Grow

The plan to buy property in Spain and get residency has often been a popular one among investors but the ones that could rent their houses when they did not reside there gained the most out of it. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of tourists that visit Spain it is now easier than ever to find rentiers or Airbnb users for your real estate in a prime tourist destination of Spain. More than 82 million people visited the country in 2018 and the numbers are still increasing in 2019 with 2020 expectations dwarfing both. Your new home in Spain is more than likely to generate some income for you in the upcoming years.

Spanish Golden Visa is a Golden Ticket for Many

The bulk of investors that are interested in investing in Spain are in it for the Spanish Golden Visa program and why would not they be. This program makes it really easy for even the first-time foreign investors and streamlines the whole process to give people an easy time. More importantly, people do not just buy property in Spain and get residency anymore. Seeing how profitable it is to invest in Spain there are those that keep investing in the country or even move there to make it easier for themselves to manage their assets. By all means, Spanish Golden Visa is a golden ticket for many to a better life.

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