Which Nationalities Are More Interested in Greece Golden Visa?

Updated: 13 July 2021

Greece’s Golden Visa program has made the country quite a lot of money in the recent years and it seems like the promise of getting a Greek permanent residence is quite attracting for people from all around the world. But who favors the Greek Golden Visa the most in the recent years? According to our research the following five nationalities are the ones that make up the majority of investors that are interested in Greek permanent residence. 


By far the Chinese investors make up the vast majority of foreign investors that are in pursuit of the Greek permanent residence. They make up of 44% of everyone that got their hands on a Greek permanent residence so far. 5927 main applicants and their closest kin were able to navigate through the Greek Golden Visa process. Especially since 2016 the Chinese were investing heavily on Greek ports and infrastructure thus this outcome is rather understandable.


524 main and family members of Turkish Greek permanent residence investors are what one may call safety investors than anything else. According to the statistic most Turks that invested in a Greek Golden Visa do not actually live in their new homes but rent it to others or use it as a summer house every now and then. They keep those houses as an escape plan in case Turkish political climate goes too sour for them to bear back home.


322 main Russian applicants have successfully got their Greek permanent residence alongside of their family members making them the third most interested people on the planet for Greek Golden Visa. These investors often buy homes in the suburbs of Athens and Thessaloniki and prefer living there instead of their home country. In that way they are “true” seekers of Greek permanent residence.

Lebanon and Egypt

A total of 178 Lebanese and 166 Egyptian investors have successfully gotten their Greek permanent residence. Both countries are full of people that are very much interested in relocating to Greece, unlike the Turks. For Lebanese Greece offers a safe and stable society which they cannot really enjoy back in their own homes that are overflooding with refugees and immigrants of all sorts due to the overall political instability of the Middle East as a whole.

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