Time to Invest in Greece Tourism: Five Record Years of Tourist Arrivals

Updated: 11 July 2021

The ever-increasing number of tourists is attracted to Greece every year from around the world. It makes the country a popular centre of tourism investments. Athens, the capital city of Greece, hosted two international meetings on accommodation and marina service sectors on the Mediterranean in October. The output of these conferences asserted the accelerated rates of investment in the Greek tourism estates. Also, Greece is the top-trending tourist destination. Over the past five years, Greece tourism rendered service to a record number of visitors annually. Moreover, it is anticipated that over 30 million guests will enjoy the charms of Greek tourism in 2018.

Tourism Investments in Greece

Greece tourism draws the attention of investors considerably with its high rates of visitors. The members of Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum acknowledge Greece as the top-recommended site for tourism investments. Greece is well-known for the convention tourism services. Important global meetings such as MR&H Forum and the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference present the burgeoning importance of Athens in the sector. Also, in 2017 Athens ranked among the Top 20 convention tourism destinations by hosting 76 international meetings. Aside from it, the maritime tourism constitutes almost 3.5 % of Greece’s GPD. As a result, the Mediterranean countries especially Greece, Spain, and Italy are the apples of investor’s eyes.
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Athens: The New Berlin

Attica, the largest province of Greece, rises from the ashes after the long-lasting financial crisis in Greece. The developments in the city centre such as the establishment of lively night-clubs and high-end hotels and the new-fashioned enterprises rigged with high technology make Athens the most enticing tourist attraction. Also, the improvements in the transportation around Athens contribute to the achievements of the investments. The airport to be built in Athens is anticipated to lure more than €8 billion with the investments in the city and 50,000 job vacancies. Furthermore, the largest marina of Greece near Alimo is planned to be sold to the private stake-holders which will eventually raise the capacity of the investments to Greece. Considering these innovations in and around Athens, the city competes with Berlin, the capital of Germany, with its popularity among tourists. The city is preparing to welcome 5.5 million tourists this year. Ultimately, Athens is entitled with the name of Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2018 by World Travel Awards Europe.

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