The Quality of Education and International Schools in Greece

Updated: 30 March 2023

One of the first concerns of people who receive citizenship or residence permit via citizenship/residency by investment programs is the future of their family. Understandably, every investor who takes advantage of these kinds of programs cares for the future of their family. With the increasing popularity and success of the Greece Golden Visa Program, the foreign community in Greece rapidly expands, and there emerges the need for guidance.

Greece Golden Visa Program enables people to invest at least 250,000 euros in the country and receive permanent residency in return. This right comes with additional perks like visa-free travel throughout most of Europe or the right to study and work in other European Union member countries. In accordance with the needs of this program, Greece provides newcomers with numerous orientation and settling-in services. Most importantly, for people who start to reside in Greece via Greece Golden Visa Program, Greece has many international schools that provide education in several languages. Therefore, children who do not know Greek do not have to go through the Greek curriculum of government schools. They can choose to continue their education in schools that teach in English or other languages.

Education in Greek is not Mandatory

As investors often emphasize, the future of their children is usually their main concern when applying programs like the Greece Golden Visa. Consequently, families who move into a new country often worry about the quality of education that their children are going to receive. More importantly, if the new country has a different native language, their concerns multiply. However, in Greece’s case, new families do not have any shortage of international schools which offer high-quality education in several different languages. Most of these schools are located in the capital, Athens.

Greece Has Millennia of Experience in Education

Ancient Greek civilization is one of the first places that education had been implemented systematically. Most of the best-known ancient philosophers are from that era of efflorescent term of education. Building upon that tradition, Greece continues to provide its citizens and residents with high-quality education. Including both public and private schools, Greece has so many top-notch schools. However, private schools are the ones that teach in other languages, therefore, they would be a better fit for international students.

High-Quality Education in Respectable Institutions

Greece has many international schools that are famous worldwide. British and American schools are especially attractive in Greece because, in addition to the fact that they provide very high-quality education, they also teach in English which is the global language of education and business. Students who graduate from one of Greece’s international schools have a very good chance of getting accepted into elite universities of Europe and the United States of America. These international schools which provide education at every age and level often have upscale facilities and educational sources. Since Greece is a member state of the European Union, the country has access to effective European education methods and vast sources. As the country emerges from a long period of crisis, the number of Greek students in international schools is not as high as it was before. Still, there is a considerable amount of Greek students for new residents to socialize with.

Diverse and All-Around Programs of International Schools in Greece

As mentioned earlier, international schools of Greece maintain a very high standard in the quality of their education. This is partly due to their diverse and comprehensive programs. These programs provide the children with all the knowledge and practice they need in a wide spectrum of areas which in turn enhances the quality of education and the overall success of the graduates of these institutions.

Tuition Fees of International Schools in Greece

International schools in Greece carry the status of “private” schools which are unlike public schools, subject to tuition fees. These fees may vary depending on the school chosen or the student’s age or grade. The price for yearly tuition in one of these international schools ranges from 7,000 euros to 13,000 euros. Considering the quality of education that students receive in these institutions, these prices are very acceptable for most new residents who moved into Greece via Greece Golden Visa Program.

List of International Schools in Greece

English speaking international schools:

  1. American College of Greece, also known as Pierce College (US)
  2. Campion School (UK)
  3. St. Catherine’s British School (UK)
  4. American Community Schools, ACS (US)
  5. Byron College: The British International School (UK)
  6. International School of Athens, ISA
  7. Costeas Geitonas School CGS
  8. Doukas School
  9. I.M Panagiotopoulos School
  10. St. Lawrence College (UK)
  11. International School of Piraeus (UK)
  12. Anatolia College (US)
  13. Pinewood American College of Thessaloniki (US)

French Speaking International Schools:

  1. Lycée Franco-Hellénique Eugène Delacroix
  2. French School of Thessaloniki – Ecole française de Thessalonique

German Speaking International Schools:

  1. Deutsche Schule Athen
  2. German School of Thessaloniki – Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki

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