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Spain Continues to be a Competitive Tourism Destination in the World

Updated: 9 July 2021

Spain has always had a huge inflow of tourists every year and it seems like the Spanish are hesitant to let go of this tradition. Mostly thanks to its beautiful cities and alluring beaches Spain receives some of the most tourists in the entire world and continues to impress others by its revenues from this particular industry. 

Number of Visitors Alone Proves Spanish Supremacy in Tourism

In 2018 a total of 89 million visited France, which is known to often have the highest number of visitors a country gets per year. This was followed closely by Spain, with a staggering 83 million people. United States could receive 80 million people, and China another 63 in the same year. Italy got 62 million whereas Turkey reached 46 million visitors in 2018. Mexico, Germany, Thailand, and Great Britain got 41, 39, 38, and 36 million visitors respectively in the same year. Given the fact that Spain has less population than France one can see how there are far more tourists per capita in Spain than in France.

Competitiveness Ranking Shows the Real Worth of Spain

When it comes to actual competitiveness of a country’s tourism industry Spain leads the crowd. Alongside with France, Germany, and Japan the Mediterranean country receives a great 5.4 points to its competitiveness when it comes to tourism. This number is derived from a particular country’s offerings when it comes to their visitors. These can range anywhere from beautiful sceneries to great cuisine a country can offer, and Spain offers the most. United States, Great Britain, and Australia follow these big four quite closely as well. However, none of them can quite compete with the price factor of Spain as it is certainly the cheapest one among these first 7 when it comes to having a holiday in it. 

Booming Spanish Tourism Attracts More Golden Visa Applicants As Well

Spain Golden Visa was a successful program to begin with but its investors are all too happy to hear that the tourism is booming in the country. Bigger investors or even some small-time ones prefer to invest in hotels or Airbnb like houses so that they can make a profit out of their investments that also get them a residence permit in Spain. Of course, some tourists that came to Spain also just decides to keep on living there with also increases the number of applicants Spanish Golden Visa agents receive yearly. 

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