€ 350,000
    5 years
    3-6 months
    7 days


Portugal Golden Visa Program

Family Reunification

Include your spouse and children under the age of 18, or over the age of 18 as long as they are full time students

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Dual Citizenship

Portugal allows for dual citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Minimal Residence Requirement

7 days per year

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Member of the EU

Enjoy freedom to live, work, study or travel anywhere in the EU in case of citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Visa-free Travel

To 164 countries

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Obtain Second Passport

First applicants of the program already became Portuguese citizens

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Access to Public Services

Benefit from Portuguese health care and education systems

Portugal Golden Visa Program

Double Taxation Treaty

Income received from the countries outside Portugal are not subject to taxation



  • The purchase of a real estate property of a minimum value of € 500,000
  • At least € 350,000 of total investment amount for the purchase of property that is older than 30 years old, with the obligation to renovate


  • Establishment of an enterprise that creates at least 10 employment positions
  • Grants of € 250,000 to institutions related to natural cultural heritage or artistic institutions
  • R&D investment of at least € 350,000
  • Capital transfer of at least € 1,000,000
  • Capital transfer of at least €350,000 for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital funds


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Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Golden Visa Program


Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Golden Visa Program


Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Golden Visa Program


Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Golden Visa Program


Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Golden Visa Program


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  • Investment by real estate acquisition
  • Investment by capital transfer
  • Investment by creating at least 10 employment


Portugal Golden Visa Process through Real Estate Acquisition

Portugal Golden Visa Program

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Portuguese citizens get visa-free access to 164 countries.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe – PwC


# 3 CITY in 163 countries
Global Peace Index 2017


57.69 / 100
Cost of Living Index 2018





297.1 billion USD


92,090 sq. km





Portugal Golden Visa Program offers a permanent residence permit in Europe. The applicant may choose to invest in a real estate property for a minimum value of €500.000. The other real estate option would be a renovation investment for a minimum of €350.000. The reduced Golden Visa option is among the most preferred investment types. Aside from the Portugal property investments the investor may choose to transfer capital or make research and development investment for €350.000. The property chosen for the Golden Visa renovation option should be approved by the Town Hall. What are the benefits and advantages of Portugal Golden Visa Program? The applicants of Portugal investor visa can include their family members into the program. The applicants’ spouse and children below the age of 18 are accepted under family reunification. The program requires a minimum 7 days of residence for each year. Portugal Golden Visa holders can benefit from the privileges of being a European Union (EU) member. Portugal allows visa-free travel to 164 countries including the Schengen countries. Also, Portugal has a very developed healthcare and education system, and the Portuguese residence permit holders may access to the public services which are set at very high standards. The applicants and the family members can benefit from the National Health Service of Portugal just like a Portuguese resident. Additionally, Portugal Golden Visa investors earn the right to have social security and trade union protection. Through the Portugal Golden Visa Program investors may become a Portuguese citizen. The individuals who maintain their permanent residence permit for 5 years may apply for Portugal citizenship. Golden Visa Program offers an easy way to become European citizen. The Portugal Golden Visa Program came into effect in 2012 and the first applicants have already became Portuguese citizens. When an applicant obtains European citizenship and becomes a member of the EU, they can live, work and travel anywhere in the European Union. Enjoy the freedom of movement with a second passport you obtain from Portugal. Portugal has a very favorable tax regime for the investors. The double taxation treaty states that if the income is received from outside of Portugal, the individuals are exempt from being tax resident in Portugal. However, applicants may also choose to become a tax resident in Portugal. The non-habitual tax regime in Portugal offers the chance to reduce the income tax to considerably low amounts. What are the eligibility criteria for Portugal Golden Visa? The applicant who is a non-EU/EEA national and older than 18 years may apply to the program. The investment has to be kept for at least 5 years. The application and renewal process of Portugal Golden Visa consists of several steps and the applicants should seek professional assistance. The investors need to specify their investment criteria and shortlist the possible options. It is recommended that investors visit the country and see the property themselves. The reservation of the property is completed, after the reservation fee is transferred and reservation agreement is signed. The applicant has to open a Portuguese bank account and get a non-resident tax number (NIF) in order to carry out the investment. NIF number is a tax identification number and is issued by the Portuguese Tax Authority. All the financial actions are carried out with the NIF number. The legal process can be assigned to a power of attorney. The real estate property is purchased after the promissory sale agreement is completed and public deed is executed. The applicant needs to gather all the required documents necessary for the Golden Visa application. The required documents for Portugal Golden Visa are as following: passport, visa, entry stamps, criminal records, receipt of the paid application processing fee, and the biometrics and submitted to SEF office. All of the required documents for Portugal Golden Visa has to be translated into Portuguese. At the end of the application, residence cards are delivered to the investor. The renewal time of the golden visa residence cards takes place at the end of first year, third year and fifth year. After the first year of residence, the applicants provide certain documents for the renewal process. The biometrics and criminal records should be resubmitted and a renewal fee has to be paid. At the end of the third year of the residence, renewal process is repeated similar to the first one. When the applicant completes 5 years of residence, they can obtain permanent residency in Portugal.

Eligibility for the Golden Visa Program

The applicant has to be a non-EU/EEA citizen older than 18 years in order to apply for the program, the program offers various investment options. The minimum investment amount fort he program is € 350.000 of real estate property which is older than 30 years old and in need of restoration.

How to Apply for Portugal Golden Visa?

The investor may make their pre-register online on Portuguese Immigration and Border Service’s (SEF) website. If the applicant chooses to work with a duly appointed legal representative, the representative is required to provide a power of attorney approved by the applicant. The third option is to apply to the program in person at the Regional Directorate.

Which Document are Required for Portugal Golden Visa?

Full passport copyFlight tickets to and from PortugalCertified copy of criminal recordProof of health insuranceReceipt of Portugal golden visa fees

Government fees

Application fee: €520.40Initial issue fee: €5,202.60Visa renewal fee: € 2,601.30

After all of the required documents are gathered and fees are paid, SEF examines the application. The applicant are required to pass a personal interview. After few months, SEF issues residence permit and the applicants receive their residence cards.

Renewal of Visas

Portugal Golden Visa holders must renew their residence permit at the end of the first, third and fifth years.

At the end of the first year, the applicants have to submit some documents to renew their visas. Biometric data and criminal records have to be updated and submitted to relevant authorities. As a result, investors extend their residence permits for another two years.

Applicants are required to fulfill the residence requirement of 14 days (per year) until the end of the third year. During the renewal process, the same procedure is followed and the visa is extended for another two years period.

At the end of the fifth year, applicants are earn the right to apply for a permanent residence permit.

Taxation in Portugal

When you utilize a Portuguese Golden Visa program you do not necessarily become a full tax payer of the Portuguese government. Residency and tax residency are rather different concepts to begin with. However, that does not mean that you will exempt of all taxes in Portugal.

For starters you will have to pay certain taxes about the investment you have done to get the Portuguese residency. Becoming a full tax resident can be achieved by simply spending at least 183 days in Portugal in a year, which means that you spend most of your time there making it your home in legal terms.

Moreover, as long as you have a house there you will have to pay taxes for it. Becoming a full tax payer may be lucrative for you though thanks to Portugal’s new non-habitual resident tax scheme. It may be wise to look up this program and to see if it works out for you or not.