China, Turkey, and Russia Are the Top Three Nationalities Seeking Greece Golden Visa

Updated: 14 September 2021

The Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum released the updated figures for Greece Golden Visa. According to these numbers, since the program’s launch in 2013, 8,692 main applicants have been granted Greece Golden Visa. The number for the dependent family members is 17,431.

The overwhelming majority of the main applicants and dependents are from China. The number is 6,190. 541 Turkish citizens have been granted Greece Golden Visa, while the figure for Russian is 474. See the below charts to see other nationalities.

117 main applicants were granted Greece Golden Visa between January 5th and June 1st this year. Although there is a decrease in approvals compared to the previous years, it looks like the situation is improving.

Moreover, there have been some adjustments to the figures for 2020. With the latest adjustments, Greece Golden Visa’s performance in 2020 now ranks 6th in the global market.

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