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Living in Madrid with a Spanish Golden Visa

Updated: 1 October 2021

Spain is one of the European countries with a Golden Visa that is given to people who invest in the country. One of the preferred methods of this investment is to buy a house in the country. Madrid seems to get such foreign investors more and more lately due to the usefulness of a Spanish Golden Visa and the overall quality of life in Spain, especially in its capital Madrid. Investing in a Golden Visa program for Spain can be a life changing opportunity for plenty investors.

What exactly is a Spain Golden Visa?

Spain’s Golden Visa program offers residency to its investors when they buy a real estate in the country that is at least 500.000 Euros. There are other ways of getting it like having a million Euros in Spanish banks or investing two million Euros in Spanish debt but buying a real estate is the cheapest way of acquiring a Spanish residency through investment. Moreover, buying a real estate is often an investment, and due to the rising real estate prices in Spain it is likely a rather profitable one.

Why live in Madrid?

It is not required to live in Madrid, or even to get your house there to get your Golden Visa but you can be certain that there are many advantages that come with living in the capital of Spain. It has arguably one of the best metro systems in Europe. Moreover, the mayoress of Madrid is fighting against air pollution. Its air quality rivals even some smaller cities in terms of cleanness. Since Madrid does not have many hills it is extremely easy and enjoyable to walk in it as well. Investing in that Spanish Golden Visa may cheapen your overall costs in the long time too; cost of living in Madrid is relatively cheaper compared to most other (especially northern) European capitals. But the lower costs do not mean a less entertaining city or a lack of events at all. On the contrary from its numerous historical locations to plenty of new shopping centres Madrid offers a lot to all sorts of people. Due to the number of expats in Madrid it is quite easy to find cinemas and theatres in English. Certainly, it is even easier to find staff members anywhere you go that speaks English rather fluently, making life as a foreigner to you much easier. Spanish friendliness and the overall quality of Spanish nightlife is also quite famous, both of which you can experience if you decide to invest in a Spanish Golden Visa. You can get the help of our experienced assistants to find the best home for you in Madrid, and more.

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