Investment Options for Foreigners in Greece After Covid-19

Updated: 1 October 2021

The world has been suffering from the global pandemic Covid-19 since the beginning of this year. It has had some serious effects on some parts of the world. Greece is also one of the countries which have been affected by it. Yet, compared to other European countries, Greece holds one of the least cases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the statistics of WHO (World Health Organization), the total number of confirmed cases in Greece is only 5942, and it has a very low death rate.

In addition to fighting the pandemic successfully, Greece has also kept its economic wellbeing in great control. The European Commission’s forecast for Greece’s GDP growth was – 0,9 % for 2020, yet, it is still going better after Covid-19. So, it is highly probable that the country is going to revive its economic growth. With the prime minister leading the fight, Greece insists on overcoming the coming issue successfully, just as they overcame the pandemic!

Foreign Investors In Post-Pandemic Greece

Thanks to Greece’s stable environment in these difficult days, foreign investors’ attention is directed towards the country. As opposed to the fears and prejudices about Greece’s previous debt issues, travel organizations in the UK state that there are now more people buying tickets to Greece for travel purposes than before. This has naturally led to an increase in investments in the tourism sector, hotels, and leisure centers. 

In addition to tourism, there has been a growing interest in real estate, too. Especially people from the UK have started to show interest in properties and houses in Greece for holiday purposes. Besides travel, for a long-term investment,
The Greece Golden Visa Program can be a good option for investors who would like to make their investments in a safe and stable country. Furthermore, The Golden Visa Program in Greece offers low investment requirements for the investors. Along with an investment amount of €250,000, investors can have the right to reside and work in Greece. They also have the right to visa-free travel to more than 150 countries (27 of them are European countries) with their family members. Another advantage of the program is that the investors do not have to reside physically in Greece. Because it is basically an investment program, the investors can also expand their business in Greece. Eventually, the above-mentioned advantages make Greece an exciting option to be considered in terms of investment and residence

Some business authorities have also argued that there is still growing interest in Greece in terms of investments in infrastructure plans and privatizations of businesses despite the pandemic. In addition to these, areas such as energy and logistics are also in great demand. Furthermore, the prices of the property holdings are very low following the economic crisis in the country. So, the
Golden Visa Program in Greece will be a great option to go for in this time of turmoil.  

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