Greece Prepares to Re-launch Its Golden Visa Program: The Less Bureaucratic Format

Updated: 10 July 2021

Greek authorities responded quickly to the global pandemic of Covid-19. Thus, Greece did not suffer much compared to some other European countries. One of the earliest precautions that Greece imposed was to shut down its immigration services. As a result, the country went through less tumult. Now, Greece is getting ready to re-launch its Golden Visa Program.
Recently, the Deputy Finance Minister of Greece, Theodoros Skylakakis, said, “We are very interested in jump-starting the real estate market, and in this direction, we are immediately re-launching the golden visa program.” Yet, after Covid-19, Greece Golden Visa Program will have a new structure that allows for easier processing and less bureaucratic stages. The aim is to boost the efficiency of the application process and reduce the risks embarked by Covid-19. According to Theodoros Skylakakis, these changes are soon to arrive: “To accelerate the course of growth in the coming months, we will seek to lift the bureaucratic obstacles that currently exist in the property market”.

The New and Less Bureaucratic Format of the Greece Golden Visa Program

The re-launched version of the Greece Golden Visa Program will have several changes. These changes fall under 4 headings. It is important to emphasize that the changes will not be permanent. After the restrictions of the pandemic are gone, the program will return to its earlier format.

  • Remote Application Process

The government offices in Greece will not open soon. However, Greece aims to solve this problem by establishing a more straightforward version. This new format allows authorized lawyers to apply through the central immigration office (Immigration Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum in Athens). With this update, Greece eliminates applicants’ need to travel. So, these new measures will allow Greece to receive applications through the pandemic. Boosting the program’s accessibility, the changes are soon to be effective. Using this new format, applicants can submit their data online.

  • Remote Bank Account

Greece Golden Visa Program requires applicants to open a bank account in Greece. This process mandates a physical meeting under normal circumstances. The updated version of the program allows applicants to open a bank account without being present in offices.

  • Submittal of Biometric Documents

Greece Golden Visa Program requires applicants to submit their biometric data in person. Changes to the format of the program solve this problem. Applicants using the new format do not have to submit their biometric data now. This process can be postponed until a physical meeting is possible.

  • Courier Services

Golden Visa programs include a lot of paperwork. Because of the mobility restrictions, these documents cannot reach offices or applicants. To cope with this problem, Greece adjusts courier services to help its immigration offices. With this configuration, issued documents will reach their owners without needing physical contact. Similarly, applicants can use these services to submit their applications.

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