Greece Golden Visa: European Residency by Investment Program

Updated: 1 October 2021

If you want your next real estate investment to return you something more than just more money you should look into certain Golden Visa programs a lot of countries offer these days. One of those countries is Greece. If you buy a property in Greece, you can be well on your way to get residency in the country. 

What exactly is a Greece Golden Visa?

A Greece Golden Visa, basically put, allows you to buy property in Greece and get residency. You can buy a property in Greece that is at least 250.000 Euros and then you will be able to claim a resident permit in Greece. This permit not only lets you live and work in Greece but also lets you live anywhere in the Schengen Area due to Greece’s membership in EU. It is the next best thing to having a citizenship of Greece, and it should be more than enough to meet the demands of most investors.

Greece is an Attractive Country for Investments

Permanent residency or even living in the country where you just invested in may not be for everyone though. In that case you can be assured that the investment you make in Greece will be a worthy one. Greece is recovering from its devastating crisis in a speedy manner which makes it a prime target for investors of all sorts. Simply put, initial investments can often be at reasonable prices while returns of these investments will be massive with the recovering economy. In 2017 the Greek economy started to grow again at a respectable 1.6%. The growth of GDP continued in 2018 for the Greeks and it is going on today as well. The net foreign investment in the country was 2.8 billion Euros in 2017 whereas it became a whopping 3.6 billion Euros in 2018. This is around a 30 percent increase that proves the trust of foreign investors in the bright future of Greek economy. 

Buy Property in Greece and Get Residency

People from all over the world are flocking to get residency in Greece. These golden visa by real estate investment in Greece programs are certainly attracting a lot of investors. You too should consider applying for your own Greece Golden Visa program and become a Greek resident so that you can enjoy easier travel around the Schengen region, likely better education and medicinal institutes, and a very generous return on your initial real estate investment.

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