Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs Continue to Spearhead the Market

Updated: 11 July 2021

It is known that the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are some of the best that could be found on the market today. Not only are they often the most professional and long-lasting programs, but also offer a great variety of benefits to their investors. Their success seems to continue as they are revered once more in 2019’s CBI Index.

CBI Continues to Rightfully Judge the State of the Market

It was CBI’s third anniversary in 2019 and it seems like this index that came out of a need to evaluate the growing number of citizenship by investment programs in the globe is here to stay. This special report ranks all the active citizenship by investment programs on seven important pillars that are thought to be the most important traits a second citizenship seeking investor is looking for. For the 2019 edition of CBI a total of 13 countries’ citizenship by investment program was compared with one another.

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs Dominated the Top Spots

It was not a surprise to see that the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs came out on the top of the competition in 2019’s CBI Index. In fact, all six Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are in the top six of this year’s index. Basically, any Caribbean CBI is better than any other CBI in existence at the moment for citizenship seeking investors. Dominica is at the top of this list, and it is followed by St. Kitts and Nevis. The third one on the list is Grenada, and the fourth is St. Lucia. Antigua and Barbuda followed by the Vanuatu make up the 5thand 6thspots in the list respectively.  

The success of Caribbean CBI alone in the 2019 CBI Index is not enough to explain the increase in their popularity. There seems to be a trend among European investors to invest elsewhere than Great Britain due to the impending Brexit. Likewise, the Middle eastern investors seem to have had their fill of investing in the US and are thus looking for other venues for investment. The growing tensions in less developed parts of the world are adding to the number of rich people that are trying to have second plans in case their home country faces any trouble and thus the number of people that invest in CBIs and especially the ones in the Caribbean are increasing quickly.

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