Portugal Grants Residency to British Citizens In Case of a No-Deal Brexit

Updated: 12 July 2021

British citizens, who have a residency permit in Portugal, are eligible to continue residing in Portugal even after Brexit.  The British citizen can register online through the SEF portal and apply for a 5-year resident card in 2021. The resident’s card will allow the British citizens to travel freely across the European Schengen area. At the end of a five year residency in Portugal, the British citizens can then apply for permanent residence or nationality in Portugal.

Registration to the SEF Portal for the five year permit will also facilitate travel rights between the UK and Portugal until you receive your residence permit.


In order to qualify for the permit in Portugal, you need to:

  • Be a UK national
  • Have a Valid Passport
  • Have a residence document issued by the Portuguese authorities
    • You need to hold a EU Residency Certificate

Registration Process

Registration is straightforward, you can go to the corresponding SEF registration page here.

Step 1: You need to set up an account.

-You will receive an email with a verification link, through which you confirm your registration.

-If you already have a registered user account at SEF, you can use those login details.

Step 2: Authentication.

-Log in to the SEF Portal with your login details.

Step 3: Register for a New Residence Permit.

-Follow the instructions to apply for a new residence permit in Portugal.

-If you have UK minor children, who never had a residence document in Portugal, you can include them in your registration as well.

Step 4: Download Your Residence Permit Application Certificate.

-Voila, your application is submitted and you will receive a notification from SEF by email.

-In the meantime, if you want to travel between the UK and Portugal, you can use this print out of the application certificate to do so.

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment with SEF.

-SEF will send you an email notification in order to schedule an appointment.

-During this appointment, you and your dependants need to physically appear in the corresponding Town Hall or SEF office.

-You will provide your biometric data, which will then appear on your new residence permit.

Step 6: Receive and Enjoy Your Portuguese Residence Permit.

-You will then receive your Portuguese residence permit in mail.

-Even with a no-deal Brexit, you and your family of UK citizens can continue to reside in Portugal.

Can You Apply by Yourself?

The short answer is yes, you can.  The registration is easy and straightforward.  However, we advise you to take some professional guidance, as the registration is a very crucial part of the process of obtaining the residence card.

If the registration is submitted incorrectly, it can lead to delays or even rejections.

It is also important to apply as soon as possible, in order to avoid long waits or any potential change in the program.

Can British Citizens apply for a Portugal Golden Visa?

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How can Get Golden Visa help?

Our local team in Portugal has years of experience in assisting British citizens with their residence and investment matters in Portugal. We are the leading consultancy firm in Portugal Golden Visa, immigration matters, real estate investments, and fund investments in Portugal and are therefore uniquely placed to assist you with this process.

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