Portugal Golden Visa Scheme is the Best, Here’s Why

Updated: 13 July 2021

There are a dozen of European countries that offer a Golden Visa program, a shiny name given to residency by investment schemes. Not all the programs are created equal, though. Each has its pros and cons. It would be fair to assess that overall, Portugal’s Golden Visa program is the clear winner. 

Here’s why.

Fairly Easy To Get

First and foremost, Portugal Golden Visa is the fastest and easiest way to become a citizen of the European Union, at a relatively reasonable cost. Applicants can apply for naturalization after just five years, by only spending an average of seven days in Portugal every year.  Many other European countries require around ten years of continued presence.
Portugal does require its applicants to be fluent in Portuguese, but only an A2 level test is required.  This is a beginner level.

Low Minimum Investment Requirements

The minimum real estate investment requirement to qualify for Portugal’s Golden Visa starts at 280,000 Euros. 

280,000 Euro investment option applies for properties that are older than 30 years, located in low-density population areas.
If you invest in a property that is older than 30 years old in a major city, the minimum investment requirement jumps to 350,000 Euros.

If real estate investment is not for you, then you may choose to invest 350,000 Euros in a qualifying Portuguese fund.
Find out more about the investment fund option for Portugal Golden Visa.

Visa-Free Travel

A Portuguese Golden Visa definitely has some travel advantages. Your Golden Visa card gives you the right to travel without a visa within the Schengen Area. 

Once you satisfy the necessary requirements and receives your Portuguese passport, then the travel advantages will add up exponentially. A Portuguese passport is an EU passport and it gives you the right to travel to 186 countries without a visa. The world is basically your oyster.

Family Reunification

The program allows you to include your family members within the scheme.  Your dependents get their Golden Visas, which give them all the rights you have as the main applicant. This includes the possibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship at the end of five years.

Find out which family members qualify here.

Taxation Advantages

Once you become a Portuguese resident through the residence by investment program, you can then make use of the Non-Habitual Residence Program (NHR) in Portugal.

Being a tax resident in Portugal through the NHR program has many benefits.  Non Habitual Residents enjoy tax breaks and exemptions for a period of ten years. They are also exempt from nearly all of the foreign source income tax.

There are many reasons to go for Portugal’s Golden Visa like advantages of tax residency, advantages of residency by investment, or visa-free travel perks. However, lots of investors choose to stay and live in Portugal permanently after their naturalization or residency. With its amazing beaches, pleasant climate, world-famous wine, and low cost of living Portugal is the best place to get a Golden Visa.

Read more about the program’s details here.

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Still not convinced?

A Golden Visa is a big investment. So, it’s only natural that you want to analyze all the options in detail before making your decision.

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