Why You Too Should Consider Living in Malta

Updated: 12 July 2021

Maltese residents are increasing in number as more and more people are interested in Malta Citizenship by Investment Program. Living in Malta is the dream of some of these investors but for some other that may not necessarily be the case, and the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program could only be an entryway for them into the greater European Union free mobility. However, Malta is one of the most unique and best places to live in Europe today so here are a few reasons why anyone should consider living in Malta, especially the newly made Maltese residents.

Malta is the Pearl of the Mediterrenean

Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, wedged between Sicily and Tunis making it a suitable hub to travel to both Europe and North Africa, as well as the Middle East. The country is formed up of three big islands, but the capital Valetta is where the majority of Maltese residents live. However, it is important to note that the expat areas in Malta are not limited to the capital and some other smaller towns did also get the attention of expats who are mostly owners of estates along the beach to live the quaint Mediterrenean lifestyle. Due to its location the island nation is almost always quite warm, and a little hot during the summertime. Given the fact that it is surrounded by high seas all around Malta can get a little windy from time to time but that creates opportunities for more tourist attractions such as paragliding rather than causing an actual issue for the Maltese residents. In short, the small country of Malta is found a favourable location for many expats and boasts a diversity of attractions that is rare to see in any such smaller countries.

Malta Has Low Cost of Living

Expenses are an important part of any decision-making process and here Malta wins once again with its relatively cheaper cost of living compared to many other European countries. In fact, it is quite possible to live with a monthly income of 2500 Dollars, which would not give you the same level of luxury in any other developed European city. Rents can cost as low as 550 Dollars, and even lower if you prefer to stay inland or on the smaller island of Gozo. Moreover, due to the overall smallness of the country quite a lot of expats rely on the public transportation and walking alone to reach where they want to go which means that cars can be out of the equation when calculating living costs. Given the fact that cars cost a lot just to maintain and let alone to actually use, this is huge relief on anyone’s budget. Even though many Mediterranean cities may sound like luxurious tourist destinations Malta successfully keeps itself out of this niche and keeps its prices at a reasonable rate.

Malta Offers Much to Many

For anyone interested in Maltese citizenship by investment programs it is safe to say that they are in for a surprise at how much living Malta can offer to them. Aside from giving you access to the rest of Europe (and putting you at a spot where it is easy to travel from as is mentioned before) Malta also offers its residents a lot to do in the islands of the nation if they  aim to spend most of their time there. Its relative cheapness is reflected on the activities the island offers as well so you can socialize and join many events without much thought of money. The country already hosts a huge number of expats, and it is known as a centre for teaching English to youngsters, which means that there is a young vibe and numerous get-togethers for English speaking people all year around. Setting aside its tourists and residents by investment, the Maltese people itself is always very welcoming and culturally rich, just as the many old streets of Valetta, making even a simple stroll through it an entertainment of its own.

Ultimately there are a lot of reason why one would one to become a Maltese resident through a Maltese citizenship by investment program. If you are interested in living in Malta as well, you should contact one of our experienced helpers right away. Malta Individual Investor Programme has so much to offer and the privileges of living in Malta has attracted many investors from all around the world so far. Take a step, to live a peaceful and high quality life in this beautiful European island.

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