Why Investing in Malta is a Smart Idea?

Updated: 22 December 2021

For the people who want a second citizenship for themselves and for their families to relocate their personal and business matters to an EU country, Malta’s first EU approved citizenship program, Malta Citizenship by Investment Program is a viable option. This program grants Maltese citizenship for life and it gets passed on to future generations by descent.

Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Program is a scheme aimed at high net worth individuals. To benefit from this program, you’ll need to make a donation, plus an investment.

Citizenship after 36 months of residence 

  • €600,000 contribution
  • €10,000 contribution to an organization (accepted by the Community Malta Agency)
  • The acquisition of a property which is worth at least €700,000, or
  • A residential property lease agreement of five years at a minimum value of €16,000 per year

Citizenship after 12 months of residence 

  • €750,000 contribution
  • €10,000 contribution to an organization (accepted by the Community Malta Agency)
  • The acquisition of a property which is worth at least €700,000, or
  • A residential property lease agreement of five years at a minimum value of €16,000 per year

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program

Visa-Free Travel

Malta passport grants visa-free travel to over 180 countries, including EU, USA, Canada. It also enables its holder to live, work, study in any of the 28 EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland & Liechtenstein.

Plus, the program offers family inclusion.Family eligibility includes parents of main applicant and spouse, minor children, unmarried dependent adult children under 27. Descendants are also automatically entitled to citizenship thereafter.

A Stable Economy and a Business-Friendly Government

As a small island state, Malta lies in the Mediterranean in a strategically and economically important location. With its democratic and stable government, robust economy and business-friendly environment, Malta is a great place to live, and also do business in.

As explained above, Malta’s residence program allows its beneficiaries to obtain the residence permit in Malta and visa-free travel across EU and the Schengen area. Additionally, program beneficiaries:

  •         are eligible to apply for long-term residency, in line with additional requirements laid out in the Immigration Act;
  •         have the option to redeem their qualifying investment after five years;
  •         have a residence card that supports employment opportunities;
  •         enjoy unique business opportunities and grants for prospective investors;
  •         have access to a Programme that allows four generations of families to apply;
  •         can penetrate Malta’s affordable real estate market;
  •         pay a competitive, low application fee, when compared to other European residency programs.

In Malta, the government employs open-for-business policies that welcome the latest industry developments, while ensuring consumer protection and market stability. Foreign companies relocating their businesses to Malta, or opening start-ups, can access a number of government-run initiatives, intended to attract direct foreign investment to the Islands’ shores. Business can be conducted in English and entrepreneurs will find a strong infrastructure and a talented, professional and skilled workforce in Malta.

Business Environment in Malta

Country’s most popular industries include financial services, gaming, aviation, maritime, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and tourism. Malta is also one of the first countries in the world to regulate for the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Recognising that fintech and regtech need to be embraced if Malta’s business eco-system is to keep thriving in the future, the government has been pro-active in engaging with some of the largest global players in the field. 

Living in Malta

For anyone interested in Maltese citizenship by investment programs it is safe to say that they are in for a surprise at how much living Malta can offer to them. Aside from giving you access to the rest of Europe (and putting you at a spot where it is easy to travel from as is mentioned before) Malta also offers its residents a lot to do in the islands of the nation if they  aim to spend most of their time there. Its relative cheapness is reflected on the activities the island offers as well so you can socialize and join many events without much thought of money. The country already hosts a huge number of expats, and it is known as a centre for teaching English to youngsters, which means that there is a young vibe and numerous get-togethers for English speaking people all year around. Setting aside its tourists and residents by investment, the Maltese people itself is always very welcoming and culturally rich, just as the many old streets of Valetta, making even a simple stroll through it an entertainment of its own.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately there are a lot of reasons why one would one to become a Maltese resident through a Maltese citizenship by investment program. Malta Individual Investor Program has so much to offer and the privileges of living in Malta has attracted many investors from all around the world so far. Take a step, to live a peaceful and high quality life in this beautiful European island.

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