Main Three Reasons to Get Your Golden Visa Now

Updated: 12 July 2021

Golden Visa programs are increasing in quantity and often in quality.   However, many of their benefits are still not widely known by prospective investors.  Most of these Golden Visa programs are basically either citizenship or residency by investment programs. Citizenship in another country, or even residency, especially if the target country is more developed than one’s own country is a prize on its own.  There are many reasons why everyone should consider Golden Visas to be some of the best investments of our current times.

Having Multiple Bank Accounts

It is good to be able to call another country home because then it is easier to have a bank account in that country. More banks mean less risk of your savings burning away in a crisis like the one in USA in 2008 or the one Cyprus in 2012. Of course, one can open up an offshore bank account without going to the actual country, at least in some countries. However, getting into a country by a Golden Visa makes it much easier to have another safe vault for your savings by streamlining the banking system of that country for you.

Having a Valuable Investment

Since buying a house is a requirement for most of the Golden Visa programs, they are often overlooked as mere costs of the program. People buy houses, in the first glance, to get either a citizenship by investment or a residency. However, there is more to it. Many countries that offer Golden Visa, are recovering quite fast from their recent economic downturn. This means that their real estate market is also quite often on the rise. Basically, chances are the house you buy as a part of your Golden Visa requirements will get you more money in the long run.

Having an Exit Strategy

After all, the most obvious advantage of using a Golden Visa program is to have either a residency or a citizenship from the country in question. This may not seem very useful for some who already live in a developed country. Those with a great passport may also pass on this use of Golden Visas. However, it is important to note that change does occur often in our world. British who are about to leave EU and in extension the Schengen Zone can be seen frequenting Golden Visa offices these days so are some Americans who are not happy with the political climate of their own country. It is better to be safe than sorry and a simple residency or citizenship by investment gets you that peace of mind. 

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