The Surge of Hongkongers for Portugal Golden Visa Program

The Surge of Hongkongers for Portugal Golden Visa Program

Hong Kong is going through massive protests and the future of that little country seems a bit unsure at the moment. This led to many Hong Kong citizens to seek for a new home aboard which ended up in a lot of them looking for a Portuguese Golden Visa.

What attracts the Hong Kong citizens to Portugal?

Portugal had one of the best Golden Visa scheme for years, but it is not necessarily the only country with one. What truly captivates many Hong Kong citizens is that fact that the country is simply a nice and cheap place to live in. It is rich in history and culture and offers all the modern commodities the people of Hong Kong are accustomed to. Perhaps more importantly, Portugal is considered as one of the safest countries on Earth which makes it very desirable for many from Hong Kong as they are struggling with some security issue at the moment.

How impressive is this new flock to the Portugal is?

Consulting agencies from all over the world report getting more and more requests from investors with a Hong Kong background. So far the actual number of applicants that are coming from Hong Kong after the latest increase in tension are unclear. What is clear however is the fact that people from Hong Kong searched for Portugal’s Golden Visa procedure with a whopping 260% increase in 2019’s June. The actual consultations that took place in July was the double of the figure from June. Citizens of Hong Kong are certainly keeping the consulting agencies that deal in Portugal Golden Visa quite busy these days.

Chinese interest in Portugal’s Golden Visa is not something new.

It should be pointed out that Chinese interest in Portugal’s Golden Visa program is not something new. The Chinese, albeit more from the mainland, constituted the majority of foreign investors in Portugal for a long time. They would be followed by Brazil and Turkey. Out of the 7291 Golden Visas issued so far by the Portuguese since the beginning of their program a massive 4331belongs to the Chinese. They have contributed mostly to the infrastructure and telecommunications within Portugal besides the usual real estate. This number is now bound to increase with the new flock of Chinese in Hong Kong who are simply looking for a safer place to live in without sacrificing their modern needs.

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