What is Your Return on Investment in Residency by Investment Programs?

Updated: 9 July 2021

For a long time, residency programs around the world were generally about permanent immigration that required the applicants to stay where they applied for residency. Some other forms of programs such as the Caribbean residency options were often used for travel and second passport advantages. However, in the recent years, due to the increase in the number of international businesses and the demand of High Net Worth Inverstors (HNWIs), residency programs became more and more popular and varied. One of these fairly new forms is Residency by Investment which is a great example of the progress in the area of residency programs.

What is Residency by Investment?

 First of all, Residency by Investment Programs do enable you to stay in the country you apply for, but do not require you to do so. This means that you can still become a resident in that relevant country, but you do not have to. In many scenarios, this quality of Residency by Investment gives its applicants a great deal of flexibility and freedom in their life. While your residency program paves the way for your Golden Visa from that country, you can choose where you stay.

The Social and Economic Aspects of EU Residency

 Increasingly popular atmosphere of stability, peace and welfare of Europe lures many investors and residents from all over the world. Safe and quality education opportunities for children and retirement through Non-Habitual Residency for seniors are only some of the examples to the perks of these programs. Many countries which offer Golden Visas such as Greece, Portugal and Spain are among popular summer travel destinations and therefore they are frequently chosen as the locations for investors’ summer residence. Also with the Golden Visa from one of these countries, the applicants are able to travel visa-free all around Europe.

Last but not least, Residency by Investment has lots of financial benefits. For example, buy-to-let investment option in Europe always stands and it is appealing now more than ever. By choosing this option, you not only start your progress towards getting the Golden Visa, but you also have the opportunity to carry the potential to returns in euros into effect. In Portugal and Spain, Golden Visa applicants can make a minimum of € 500.000 real estate investment. In Greece, the required investment amount the half of that, € 250.000. Also, thanks to the increasing real estate markets in EU countries like Greece, Portugal and Spain, investment is an attractive possibility for the both sides of the program. Potential capital appreciation of the relevant countries eases the journey for the applicants of Residency by Investment Programs.

Now is the right time; choose Residency by Investment to get your Golden Visa while you keep your flexibility in life, and earn on your way through.

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