5 Reasons that Could Jeopardize the Application for Maltese Citizenship

Updated: 9 July 2021

Malta’s Junior Minister responsible for Citizenship, the Hon Julia Farrugia Portelli, stated that “more high net worth individuals are seriously weighing their options in resorting to global citizenship to ensure a better future for their families or to expand their business possibilities.’
However, there are reasons that could cause the application to fall through. It is not very rare to see disappointed investors after the evaluation process. To know what might go wrong with the citizenship application through Malta’s Individual Investor Program, this guide might be helpful. 

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record, or being the subject of criminal proceedings, automatically renders an applicant ineligible for the Malta’s Individual Investor Program. It might also jeopardize the standing of the applicant’s family in the process.
Malta’s Individual Investor Program does not instantly strip Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) from the right to pursue Maltese citizenship. Yet, these persons have to go through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure their clean source of wealth, reputation and the applicant’s status in consideration with Malta’s international relations.

A Threat to National Security

Understandably, if the applicant is deemed as a potential national security threat to Malta, or any other European Union member state, there is no way that an application would go through.

Submission of False Information

It is never, in a formal application, a good idea to represent false or incomplete information purposely and voluntarily. For whatever reason, this act directly leads to the rejection of the Maltese Citizenship Application.

Unclean Source of Wealth

If there are indications that the applicant’s source of wealth is not legitimate, it is highly possible that the application is going to get rejected. It is not enough to simply list the applicant’s total net worth to go through with the application of Malta’s Individual Investor Program. Lawyers of the applicant have to explain how the income was generated and they must represent the evidence support such declaration.

An Inauspicious Immigration History

On the occasion that an applicant was denied a visa to a country with which Malta has a visa-free travel arrangement and said applicant has not obtained a visa in that jurisdiction since, then the grounds for rejection of an application would be suitable. Still, if the applicant’s agent and lawyers demonstrate effectual reasons, the application might go through and the applicant might get the Maltese citizenship. For instance, if the rejection of the application for the visa was based on insufficient travel insurance coverage, the lawyers could point out this fact to eliminate other undesirable suspicion.

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