Portugal is Among the Safest Destinations for Tourism in 2020

Updated: 11 July 2021

As summer approaches, a lot of people consider vacation options despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Uniquely, people do not only look at the beauty of the countries for summer 2020. Tourists also consider their health and safety because of the coronavirus. To help tourists, European Best Destinations arranged the safest destinations. As a European country that is among the best in terms of its strategies against the pandemic, Portugal finds itself multiple places in all lists.

Best Travel Destinations for Summer 2020

Considering the post-coronavirus environment, the European Best Destinations Organization (EBD) fixes a list of tourist spots. EBD claims, “Many European countries are opening their borders and flights and hotels are also reopening now”. It means that a vibrant holiday season is a realistic expectation. The EBD Organization falls under the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) Network that is governed by the European Commission. The network aims to enhance the quality of tourism in Europe.

The list of best travel destinations for summer 2020 by the EBD consists of 20 spots. The selection criteria for the list are:

  1. Less impact of Covid-19
  2. Efficient hygiene protocols in public spaces and availability of equipment (such as masks)
  3. Easy access to quality medical services

Based on these criteria, the EBD ranks 4 Portugal destinations in the top 10. These destinations are namely Madeira, the Azores, Algarve, and Alentejo.

Four Portuguese Destinations in the Top 10

The safest destination of the list is Tbilisi, Georgia. Tbilisi is followed by Corfu, Greece, and Cavtat, Croatia. After the top three, Portuguese destinations occupy the 4th, 5th, 7th, and 10th places. Respectively, the destinations are Madeira, the Azores, Alentejo, Algarve.

The first two among these, Madeira and the Azores, are archipelagos. These options are very desirable for tourists who seek peace and natural beauties. Also, it is possible to find small hotels and private houses that are great for social distancing.

Algarve is also on the list. The region is already famous as a haven for tourists. Furthermore, the city of Lagos within Algarve did not report any Covid-19 related deaths.

Also, The World Travel and Tourism Council awards a “Safe Travels” stamp. The stamp is given to countries that excel in their campaign against Covid-19. Portugal became the first European country to receive this award.

Safest Beaches in Europe

Another list by the EBD Organization ranks the top 10 safest beaches in Europe after Covid-19. This list tells a similar story to the previous one. In this top 10 list, Portuguese destinations hold the 2nd, 4th, and 7th ranks.

In the second place stand Alentejo. With its 20 km long beach, Alentejo is one of the areas least affected by the pandemic.

The fourth place is occupied by the Porto Santo Beach of Madeira Islands. This particular island has a population of 5,500. While Portugal is among the safest destinations for this summer, Porto Santo is among the safest places within Portugal.
Finally, in the 7th place, there is Meia Praia of Lagos, Algarve. Apart from its beauty, Lagos did not report a single Covid-19 related death.

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