Portugal is a Leading Tourism Capital of 2019

Updated: 10 July 2021

Portugal’s tourism industry is continuing to impress worldwide as it keeps receiving more and more visitors, and awards, in 2019. The economically struggling country’s investments in its tourism is paying off, and it is expected that the trend to go for Portugal for a holiday will likely go on for the unforeseeable future.

Portugal Received 39 Awards from World Travel Awards

One of the most prestigious awards regarding a country’s tourism capabilities is certainly the annual World Travel Awards. In 2019’s World Travel Awards Portugal won a total of 39 awards, which is three more than what it got in 2018 proving that the tourism industry is still booming in the country. Algarve, a region in Portugal, won the best beach in Europe prize for the sixth time. Many hotels and resorts in this particularly touristic part of Portugal got awards for their excellence in their respective fields. The capital of the country, Lisbon, was also awarded as the Best City Break destination in Europe as well as for having the best cruise port. Madeira once again became the most frequented island in 2019’s World Travel Awards.

Portuguese President is Looking for Better Results Next Year

Marcelo Rebelo de Sausa, the president of Portugal was exalted by these results, but he said that these results will actually motivate his country to excel even more in tourism in the upcoming years. He mentioned that there are other venues for tourism in Portugal that are yet to be exploited properly, such as the domestic tourism which is a relatively untapped market. Nature conversation is also on the to-do list of the Portuguese president so that they country can continue to attract millions of visitors. Apparently “just” being the best tourist destination of 2019 is not enough for the Portuguese government and they will be taking the necessary steps to be even more renowned in tourism industry next year. 

Portugal Golden Visa May be a Reason for These Results

It is no secret that the Portugal Golden Visa had a few successful years so far, attracting many foreign investors and their money to the country. Some of these investors are rightfully investing in the tourism of Portugal. It is known that these people are among those who benefit the most from this program as not only do they get a residence permit in Portugal, but also their real estate can often sustain them with relatively easy tourist money. Some of these investors are actually tourists themselves who just want a more stable accommodation, and every other benefit that comes with it, in the best travel destination of 2019. 

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