Portugal Golden Visa for New Zealanders

Updated: 28 March 2023

Since its introduction in 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa Program has been the most well-known residence by investment program in Europe. The purpose of this program is to lure international capital into Portugal and since the program’s start, it has attracted over 10,000 investors into the country.

Thanks to Portugal’s alluring characteristics, such as mild climate, affordable cost of living, and strategic position, the program is also very popular among New Zealanders. In this guide, we’re going to explain how you can benefit from the Portugal Golden Visa program as a New Zealand citizen.

Why Get Portugal Golden Visa: Benefits

There are several benefits for applicants who submit a Golden Visa application in Portugal. We’ve listed a couple of them in this section.

The Right To Live and Work in Portugal

If you hold a Golden Visa, you can live, work, and study in Portugal. Your family members are also covered by this. This indicates that the Portuguese educational system will be advantageous to your children.

Flexible Stay Requirements

If you’re not ready to move out of New Zealand yet but only looking for a Plan B option, Portugal Golden Visa covers you. By staying in Portugal only for seven days on average per year, you can still keep your residency in Portugal.

Opportunity To Become an EU Citizen

One of the most appealing features of Portugal Golden Visa is that it leads to Portuguese citizenship only in five years. With a Portuguese passport, you are able to travel, work, and reside anywhere in the EU.

The Right To Include Your Family

The fact that this program can be extended to members of your family is one of its most attractive features. Along with your spouse and minor children, you can also include your senior parents in your application.

Easy Travel Within Europe

If you want to move to Portugal and live there permanently, you can easily travel to the rest of Europe. Living in Portugal will make it possible for you to explore a lot more countries than you’d in New Zealand. 

Affordable Living

If you consider living in Portugal after you get your Golden Visa, you can rest assured that your living expenses will be lower compared to New Zealand.

According to the data collected in June 2022:

  • Consumer prices including rent in Portugal are 35.51 percent lower than in New Zealand
  • Rent prices in Portugal are 29.20 percent lower than in New Zealand
  • Restaurant prices in Portugal are 44.44 percent lower than in New Zealand
  • Groceries prices in Portugal are 49.40 percent lower than in New Zealand

How To Get a Portuguese Golden Visa 

The Portugal Golden Visa program is open to anyone who does not hold citizenship in the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. As a New Zealand citizen, you can be eligible if you are at least 18 years old and have a clean criminal record.

The first stage in obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa is to make a qualifying investment there. There are various options available, including purchasing real estate, subscribing to a fund, making a capital transfer, or donating to qualifying institutions in Portugal.

Investment Types for Portugal Golden Visa

Another outstanding feature of Portugal Golden Visa is that it offers multiple investment options, including real estate acquisition and fund subscription. This way it can cater to different investor profiles.

The minimum amount for Portugal Golden Visa application is €250,000 which is the donation route. The highest investment is required for capital transfer, which is €1.5 million.

See the table below for the most popular investment routes for Portugal Golden Visa, the real estate acquisition, and fund subscription.

Real Estate Option
Residential PropertyRequired Amount
Investment in residential real estate in a designated interior area€400,000. Depending on the property’s condition and its location, it can be as low as €350,000 or €280,000
Commercial PropertyRequired Amount
Investment in a commercial real estate anywhere in Portugal€500,000. Depending on the property’s condition and its location, it can be as low as €350,000 or €280,000
Investment FundRequired Amount
Investment in funds participation units€500,000

Other investment options include:

  • Capital transfer of €1.5 million
  • Creating job opportunities through a company set up in Portugal
  • Donating €250,000 to Portugal’s national heritage preservation or €500,000 to a Portugal-based R&D project
Portugal Golden Visa:
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Can I get Portuguese citizenship through Golden Visa program as a New Zealand citizen?

Yes, you can. Both Portugal and New Zealand allow dual citizenship which means that you don’t have to renounce your citizenship to become a Portuguese citizen at the same time.

However, note that getting Portuguese citizenship is possible only after five years of holding your Golden Visa and keeping your investment. 

Portugal Golden Visa scheme provides you with a two-year temporary residency permit at the beginning. After this period is over, you can extend it for another three years. During this time, you’re not required to live in Portugal as we’ve previously stated. Visiting Portugal for seven days on average will suffice to maintain your status and rights.

To be eligible for citizenship, you’re required to complete the five-year threshold and pass a basic Portuguese language exam. 

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