LGBTQ Friendly Countries

Updated: 30 November 2022

Everything transforms with time, and so does the society around us. Gone are the days when the LGBT community was limited to almost everything. Today, many limitations have been lifted from the community, and they are given the required freedom and privileges. As per stats, 96 percent of Fortune 500 companies have implemented non-discrimination policies, including sexual orientation.

Other than that, many countries have opened gates for the LGBT community. 175 countries have accepted LGBT people socially. Let’s discover some of these LGBT friendly countries.

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Top LGBTQ Friendly Countries

If you’re a part of the gay community, here are the best LGBT places to live in the world.


Portugal has been allowing same-sex marriage since 2010. This is one of the traits that put the country among the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in the world.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • You can get a marriage visa of two years for Portugal if your spouse is a permanent resident there.
  • If you’re married to a citizen of Portugal, you’re entitled to citizenship too, but after a residence permit.
  • Portugal ranked at number 19 out of 79 countries, where 85 percent of people accept homosexuals as neighbors.
  • 53percent of the homosexuals agreed that the cities of Portugal are good for living.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

The capital city of Lisbon and Porto are ideal for LGBTQ people. Principe Real, Bairro Alto, Arroios are some of the best spots in Lisbon for gay people. It houses some of the most gay-friendly bars, hotels, houses, etc. The pride parade starts in Principe Real too. For further reading, please refer to our Portugal for LGBT expats article.


Laws for the LGBT community ìn Finland are one of the most advanced. International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) report suggests that Finnish LGBT legislation is the most developed and extensive in Europe. Thus, this makes Finland one of LGBT friendly countries in the world.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • The Finnish government approved same-sex marriage and adoption in 2014. However, the law came into effect in 2017.
  • IVF has been made accessible to lesbian couples since 2007.
  • A massive 87 percent of people of Finland agree that they do not have any issue with homosexual neighbors.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Finland offers you countless attractions to visit.

  • Helsinki is the hotspot for the LGBT community in Finland
  • Tom of Finland walking tour
  • Klaus K Hotel – a gay-friendly hotel
  • Helsinki Pride


Being one of the most culturally liberal and LGBT safe countries in the world, Spain has seen a tremendous amount of changes in the last few years. The country allowed same-sex activity way back in 1822, but it was forbidden in 1954. However, the law of prohibition was reversed in 1979.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Same-sex marriage and adoption were made legal in Spain in the year 2005. Around 84 percent of people support same-sex marriage in Spain
  • The LGBT visibility has increased in many areas of society such as the judicial, army, clergy, etc. 
  • The area of sports does not offer the required visibility to the LGBT community. However, efforts are made to make it happen.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Barcelona and Madrid are the major LGBT-friendly cities in Spain. Both are blessed with gay bars, clubs, hotels, etc. You can also participate in festivals like pride festival, We Party,  LesGaiCineMad, and The Circuit Festival.


Norway is a safe place for the LGBTQ community. It legalized same-sex marriage in 2009 and the country also allows military enrollment for members of the LGBT community. We can say that Norway is one of the most LGBT friendly countries in the world.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Norway legalized same-sex activity in 1972. It’s also one of the countries to include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination law.
  • Around 754 LGBT partnerships have been converted to marriages since 2009.
  • Committed same-gender people have been allowed to adopt children since 2009, and artificial insemination is also available for lesbian couples.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

If you’re looking for some LGBT-friendly bars, hotels, and other events, go to cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. Here are some events to attend:

  • Oslo Pride
  • Skeive ski
  • Oslo Fagottkor


Iceland has been way progressive in terms of LGBT rights as adoption and IVF have been accessible to same-sex partners since 2006. Thus, that makes Iceland one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries. 

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Iceland was the first country that got a gay head of the government, and it amended some laws to make same-sex marriage legal in 2010.
  • Iceland saw the legality of registered partnerships for same-sex couples in 1996.
  • Employment and housing discrimination are not based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Iceland has a plethora of attractions for the LGBT community, such as:

  • Kiki Bar
  • Rainbow Reykjavik
  • Lady Brewery


European countries are some of the safest LGBT countries, and Belgium is one of them. In 2021, ILGA-Europe ranked Belgium number two on the list of LGBT rights protection. It can be said that Belgium is a LGBT friendly country.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Belgium allows for gender change, and you don’t have to go through any surgery.
  • 84 percent of the public in Belgium supports same-sex marriage and other legal recognition.
  • Domestic partnership benefits were granted to same-sex couples in 2000, and same-sex marriage was legalized in 2003.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

If you plan to go to Belgium, there are many things for you to do such as:

  • Dolores and La Demence bars
  • Bruit qui court restaurant
  • Floris Arlequin hotel for staying
  • Brussels, Antwerp, and Liege are the best LGBT cities


Denmark has something unique in its quiver, and it is that the country was the first one to recognize LGBT partnerships. It did it back in 1989. That makes Denmark a LGBT friendly country.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • The same-sex marriage law came into effect in June 2012.
  • The LGBT community in Denmark is allowed to serve in the Danish military.
  • Around 66 percent of people in Denmark believe homosexual parents are as good as other couples.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Denmark has some great locations and events for the LGBT community. Stay at Anderson Boutique Hotel, attend the Aarhus Pride 2021 or visit G-Bar, Oscar, and other bars in the country. Copenhagen is the ideal location for LGBT community people.

Which Is the Gayest Country in the World?

There is not only one gayest country in the world but many. They are also known as the safest countries for LGBT. Here are some of them.


Just like its large area, Canada also has a big heart for the LGBT community. It is one of the ideal countries for LGBT to live in as it allows same-sex marriage and the ability to change gender without gender reassignment surgery. Canada is one of the best countries for LGBT to live in and Canada is one of the most gayest countries in the world. 

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Same-sex marriage is supported by around 82 percent of people in Canada, while 89 percent are in favor of having a homosexual neighbor.
  • 72 percent of people agree that LGBT parents are as good as other parents.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Canada has a lot of attractions specifically for the LGBT community. You, as a member of the community, can go to various queer communities and festivals like  Whistler Pride & Ski Festival,  Vancouver Pride, Tremblant Gay Ski Week, and more.

The Netherlands

When it comes to same-sex marriage, the Netherland stands proud on the top. The country was the first one to legalize same-sex marriage in 2000, making it one of the best places for LGBT to live. Also, we can say that the Netherlands is a member of the most LGBTQ friendly countries.

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • Homosexuality, gay marriage, adoption, and gay marriage are legal in the Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands ranks on top in terms of same-sex marriage (89 percent in favor) and right to adopt (83 percent agree).
  • The Netherlands also ranks in the top five countries in terms of same-sex couples as parents (number five), the justifiability of homosexuality (number three), acceptance of same-sex relationships (number two), and more.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Amsterdam, Reguliersdwarsstraat, Utrecht, Amstel, Kerkstraat and Rotterdam are the gay friendly areas. You can visit Westerkerk church, attend the annual Gay Pride Amsterdam, and go to over 100 LGBTQ bars, shops, clubs, saunas, and hotels.


Out of all the options on this list, Malta holds the top spot for safest countries in the world for LGBTQ. Why? It has the most progressive rights for the LGBT community. Thus, It makes Malta a LGBT friendly country

The LGBTQ Rights and Opinion

  • The wave of improvement in the rights of LGBTQ community people began in 2014 when Marie Louise Coleiro Preca was elected as president. She made her master move by criminalizing conversion therapy.
  • 72 percent of people agree that Malta is a good place for homosexuals.
  • As per Eurobarometer, 67 percent of people agreed with same-sex marriage in 2019 compared to 2006 (18 percent).
  • The LGBT community of Malta enjoys 91 percent of the total rights that include military, adoption, gay marriage, and more.

Attractions for the LGBTQ community

Malta has countless attractions such as bars, hotels, clubs, beaches, etc., specifically for LGBTs. You can stay at Marco Polo Hostel, enjoy The Birdcage Lounge, Lollipop, or sunbathe at Pembroke Beach. You’ve got all the choices.


In short, there are countless choices for you if you’re an LGBT couple and are planning to relocate. There are many safest countries for LGBTQ out there, you just have to study their laws carefully. We hope our list of the most LGBT friendly countries has been helpful. 

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