Portugal Golden Visa: Shifting Paths, Not Closing the Chapter

Portugal Golden Visa: Shifting Paths, Not Closing the Chapter

Updated: 21 July 2023
Charles Taylor Harris Executive Director

Just when it appeared that the Portugal Golden Visa program was on the brink of extinction, it has instead staged an unexpected turnback. Earlier this year, the threat of termination was imminent. However, as of July 2023, tables have turned, hinting the program will be altered, but is kept alive for a new era.

Instead of outright termination, the Portuguese Government proposed a significant reformation. Under the umbrella of the ‘More Housing’ bill aimed at addressing the nation’s housing issues, the Golden Visa program will be remodeled rather than wiped off the map. However, this change doesn’t merely denote a revision; it marks the onset of a new chapter for international investors and the Portuguese economy.

Shift in the Investment Options

Portugal’s Golden Visa program appears to be moving away from high-value real estate investment towards a range of sectors. The government’s redirection marks a decisive break from the past and hints at a vibrant future. 

The remodeled investment avenues will include:

  • Capital transfers equal to or exceeding €500,000 in qualifying venture capital funds, as long as the funds do not have direct or indirect ties to real estate
  • Creation of at least ten jobs,
  • Investment in scientific research,
  • Investment in artistic production,
  • Preservation and maintenance of national cultural heritage.

These remaining fund investment options mirror Portugal’s strategic agenda to stimulate national development, foster innovation, and protect its cultural and intellectual treasures.

Investors are now directed towards opportunities to tap into Portugal’s thriving startup scene, engage with an enriching intellectual environment, and contribute to the safeguarding of a rich cultural heritage. Beyond the financial gains, the investment possibilities now generate tangible socio-cultural impacts. However, Portugal will not allow investors to invest in real estate related funds in order to apply for its Golden Visa.

This strategic reallocation of foreign capital across varied sectors can reduce real estate pressure while triggering balanced, sustainable economic expansion. For investors, it means a chance for portfolio diversification, opening doors to the intriguing realm of impact investing, promising more than residency advantages, and harmonizing profitability with a greater purpose.

New Opportunity Ahead: The Fund Investment Route 

The €500,000 investment fund option stands as an ideal alternative to the expired routes of capital transfers or real estate purchases. It does not include property-related taxes and offers potential tax efficiencies, especially for non-tax residents. The strict regulation by multiple Portuguese authorities ensures the fund’s security and compliance with local laws. 

Investment funds can also be an attractive addition to an investor’s portfolio. They are intrinsically diversified, allowing investors to branch out into various funds rather than being tied to a single asset, like real estate. 

The remarkable growth in this sector is evidence of its bright prospects; while there were merely three investment funds in Portugal in 2017, their number has soared to over 30 in 2023. This burgeoning route reflects its dynamism and potential, underscoring an ever-evolving landscape of investment opportunities.

The graphic below exhibits how the investment fund pathway has been rapidly gaining appeal among investors to become a preferred route to secure the Portuguese Golden Visa. 

What makes these funds particularly intriguing is their universal appeal to a range of investors. Whether one is a risk-taker, drawn to the exciting prospect of high rewards, or a conservative investor, favoring stability and steady growth, investment funds offer suitable strategies to cater to diverse risk appetites. By providing the chance to reap substantial benefits, diversify investments, and align with the risk tolerance of the investor, these funds represent an innovative route that had already evolved to become a compelling alternative, even before the termination of the traditional real estate investment and capital transfer.

Ultimately, the progressive shift towards investment funds not only manifests an innovative approach but also sets the stage for an economically buoyant future. Such a dynamic change is poised to write an invigorating chapter in the narrative of both Portugal’s economy and its investors, building a future rooted in diversification, resilience, and prosperity.

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