Portugal Golden Visa versus Greece Golden Visa

Both Greece and Portugal have been handing out residence permits via investment schemes to their foreign investors for quite some time now. Both of the countries are Mediterranean in the sense that they both have similar communities and cultures, and both countries are a part of the European Union, making their passports highly sought after and similarly strong. For many foreign investors that are living in a society which is not necessarily advanced, these countries give the chance to have a better education and medical treatment, alongside of their already quite fulfilling visa-free travel advantages. That does not mean, however, that there are no differences between these two Golden Visa programs. Price and the ability to get an actual citizenship are what separates the Portuguese Golden Visa from the Greek one. 

Greece’s Golden Visa Scheme Allures Investors Due to Its Cheapness

As of 2019 the cheapest option to get a residence permit in Greece via its Golden Visa scheme is to buy a real estate that worth 250.000 Euros. The same does not apply to Portugal however as they require that initial investment to be at least 500.000 Euros. That is literally a doubling up in price and that could be a huge issue for the more budget-restrained investors in the market. There are obviously cheaper and more expensive alternatives in the world, since Golden Visas are becoming an increasingly famous phenomenon but nevertheless the price alone of the Portuguese Golden Visa could be a huge negative when comparing the two. 

Portuguese Golden Visa Offers a Citizenship for its Patient Investors

If money is not an issue for you however, you may prefer the Portugal’s version of Golden Visa as then you may be eligible to get an actual citizenship at the end of the program. Golden Visa programs does not necessarily offer up citizenship to their investors but in Portugal’s case a patient foreign investor that renews its Golden Visa for 5 years could be eligible for an actual Portuguese citizenship after that point. This potentially means that even if the initial investment was liquidated, the investor could go on to use the benefits of Portuguese citizenship and the passport that it comes with it, free of charge. This makes the Portugal’s Golden Visa a better option than the Greek Golden Visa.

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