Greece Golden Visa Changes in 2021: Remote Application

Updated: February 4, 2021

The Greek Government changed the Golden Visa Law on Dec 23rd, 2020.  The change allows you to in a Greek Golden Visa completely remotely, without having to visit Greece at all. You can then receive your “blue certificate”, in other words, your temporary residence card, in the mail.

How a Remote Application Works

As a Golden Visa investor, you need to sign a Power of Attorney (PoA) with a local law firm in Greece. You can do this at the local Greek Consulate in your city. This document would allow your law firm to:

  • Submit your Greece Golden Visa application on your behalf,
  • Complete your investment remotely on your behalf, which can be:
    • Purchase of real estate worth at least 250,000 Euro or
    • Deposit of a minimum of 400,000 Euro in government bonds

You could always use a PoA for the completion of your investment in Greece. However, changes in the program now allow you to also apply for the Greece Golden Visa program, without the need to enter Greece at the time of the application, or prior to the application.

Just as you are not required to enter Greece as a main applicant, your dependent family members are not required to enter the country either.

What is the Main Change to the Greek Golden Visa Program?

Under the new rules, it is now possible to complete all the required steps of obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece, remotely.  So, neither you nor your dependents will not have to travel to Greece for any step of the process.  You will receive your “blue card”, your temporary residence card.

Greece Golden Visa

When Are You Required to Enter Greece?

You and your dependents will only need to present yourself physically in Greece once, in order to provide your biometrics data.

Greece Golden Visa 2021

The Greece Golden Visa program changes will be in effect as of 2021. This will make a big difference for many prospective investors as the Covid-19 pandemic made international travel difficult for many people across the world.

This new option will make it possible for many more families to consider and apply for Golden Visa in Greece in 2021.

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    Comments (15)

      • Short answer: yes. But, it may be complicated. You need to make sure that the initial transaction was officially recorded at a minimum of 250,000 Euros, among other things.
        We provide services on finding a property in Greece and applying for the Greek Golden Visa.
        However, if you already have a property, you need a good law firm to research if you qualify and if you do, to apply on your behalf. In case you do not have a law firm in Greece, we would be happy to introduce you to one that is experienced in the Golden Visa process.
        Hope this is helpful.

    • Can you apply for the Golden visa remotely, using the 400,000 bond Avenue, then with residency card in hand travel to greece. Locate your real estate you want to purchase and move the money from the bonds to buy your real estate?

    • Is it possible to purchase real estate that needs to be either built or remodeled that is under the 250,000 investment and use the gap money for the construction? For example, a home costa 150,000 but needs 100,000 worth of work. Using this scenario you have invested 250,000. Does this example qualify for the Golden visa?

      • Hello Julie, thank you for your question.

        We completed many Greece Golden Visa cases via deposit of €400,000. This involves remotely opening Greek bank account in your name and transfer €400,000 to your account, and then your legal representatives signing a term deposit on your behalf with the Bank.

        Your lawyers need to submit to the designated authorities some documents proving that you keep the term deposit agreement each year. This means, since the day of the issuance of the blue card, you have one year before the authorities ask you to confirm you are still keeping the term deposit. Within this timeframe – technically, you can withdraw the 400,000€ and buy a property and submit for another Golden Visa via investment in real estate. This is technically possible. However, the timeline could be strict depending on the property you will buy.

        Property acquisition in Greece could take a couple of months, mainly due to due diligence and land registry. The process is relatively quicker in Athens.

        Alternatively, if you have enough funds, you can get your blue paper via term deposit of €400,000 and with the blue card you can travel to Greece. You look for properties and buy the property you want first, and then cancel your term deposit and take your €400,000 out.

        We know this was long, but hope it was helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us through a form or through [email protected] for any help with the Golden Visa application or your real estate search.

        • Hi Admin,
          You answered a different question. Can you share your views on Julie’s question of which purchasing a property that is lower than €250k but the purchase price plus building cost will be over €250k, will it eligible to obtain golden visa?

          • Hello Charles, unfortunately, that scenario will not be eligible for a Golden Visa. The property purchase price has to be equal to or greater than €250,000. That does not include any building, construction, or renovation cost.

    • Dear Sir/Madam, Please can you further clarify your statement of “You and your dependents will only need to present yourself physically in Greece once, in order to provide your biometrics data” in terms of for which application? Is it a compulsory demand that is applicable to the Golden Visa application process or is only applicable to the citizenship application process? Does the statement contradict with your other statement of ” Under the new rules, it is now possible to complete all the required steps of obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece, remotely”? Thanks!

      • Hello Li, you can


        for your Greek Golden Visa remotely, however it is compulsory to visit Greece in order to


        your Golden Visa in Greece.
        Before this, you needed to visit Greece before applying and after applying, now you only need to do the latter.
        Hope this is helpful, please feel free to fill out a form and our team can get in touch with you to answer any further questions you may have.

    • From what I know the Golden visa doesn’t allow you to be employed in Greece, is it true that this clause is being discussed by the Greek authorities in order to change it?

      • Hello Adel, you’re right, the Greek Golden Visa is a residence permit, it is not a work permit. You or your employer would need to separately apply for a work visa once you have a Golden Visa.

    • Hi help wanted.
      I bought a plot of land in 2019 for 40k euros and I am now in the process of building a house (plans are in) which will cost 250K++ will this qualify for Golden Visa?

      • Hello Fiona, unfortunately, that does not qualify you for a Golden Visa. It needs to be one (or more) real estate property that costs a minimum of €250,000 that you purchase in Greece.

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