How To Get a Portuguese Passport: All You Need To Know

Updated: 30 March 2023

Thousands of people worldwide are looking for ways to get their hands on a Portuguese passport and enjoy the perks that come with it. Being one of the most powerful passports in the world, the Portuguese passport attracts many families, investors, expats, and digital nomads.

Although the process of acquiring a passport can be long and complicated, you can get through it in a breeze with the right set of information. This blog post will cover the topics such as;

  • How to get a Portuguese Passport?
  • What are the benefits of Portuguese citizenship?
  • Does Portugal allow dual citizenship?

…and a lot more. Enjoy the read!

Benefits of Having a Portugal Passport

Portuguese citizenship comes with several benefits. Moreover, the Portuguese passport is one of the highly ranked passports globally that allows you visa-free access to many countries worldwide.

Travel, Live, Work, and Study in the EU

With a Portuguese passport, you can freely travel in the Schengen zone without any additional visa requirements. Moreover, since Portugal is an EU nation, you’ve got the right to live, work and study anywhere in any of the countries within the EU.

Get Free Access to Quality Healthcare and Schooling

You can enjoy free education in some of the world’s premier institutions or take advantage of government-sponsored healthcare programs that offer coverage at any time, anywhere across Europe.

Fantastic Quality of Life

Portugal is a great place to live. Thanks to its climate, safe environment, and rich cuisine, it serves as a great country to live in.

Participate in Employment

You can enjoy full-time or part-time employment opportunities with your Portuguese citizenship without any additional Portugal work permit.

Low Cost of Living

The living expenses in Portugal are relatively affordable than any other country in Europe.

Portuguese Citizenship for Life

Finally, a Portugal passport is your permanent identity for holding Portuguese citizenship for life.

Portugal Passport “Power”

The Portuguese passport ranks sixth in the world for visa-free access. As of 2022, Portuguese passport holders can travel to 187 countries without requiring a visa.

Portuguese Passport Requirements

If you’re already a resident of Portugal, you’re required to have spent six years in the country. This includes one year of permanent residence.

Apart from that, you will be required to present the following:

  • SEF certified criminal record. This will also serve as proof of your legal residence in Portugal for six years.
  • Fluency in the Portuguese language.
  • Clean health record.
  • Evidence of your Portuguese residency.

In order to obtain Portuguese citizenship, you’re also required to pass a simple A2 language test. The government created the CIPLE exam in 2006 and tests applicants on their ability to understand and use everyday Portuguese expressions.

It’s not too tricky if you’re already familiar with European languages, but it can be challenging for native English speakers.

Please note that if your spouse is Portuguese, you might be eligible to get your passport after three years of marriage. With this route, there is no residence requirement.

How To Apply For a Portuguese Passport

As an expat, there are three most common routes to Portuguese citizenship mentioned below.

1. Portuguese Passport Through Marriage

In Portugal, you can get citizenship through marriage after three years of being married to a Portuguese citizen. Besides, there’s no minimum residency requirement for any prior period in the country.

However, you’re required to provide documents to prove your relationship and union with the Portuguese community.

Even if you divorce or separate in the future, your Portuguese citizenship won’t be revoked.

2. Portuguese Citizen By Descent

Those acquiring citizenship by descent or birth are Portuguese descendants if,

  • You have a parent born in Portugal.
  • Your parents are serving the Portuguese state.
  • You were born abroad to foreign parents, but at least one of them has their birth registered in Portugal.

3. Portugal Passport By Investment

Another route to a Portugal passport is the Portugal Golden Visa program designed to attract foreign investment. This visa scheme speeds up the process for foreigners and non-EU/EFTA citizens looking to obtain a residence permit in Portugal and claim citizenship by investing in that country.

Through this program, the passport is granted to people who invest in Portugal. This citizenship process is called naturalization.

Portugal Golden Visa:
The Complete Guide Click to Read >

Portuguese Passport Processing Time

The Portuguese passport processing time is usually five business days once you’ve submitted all the documents and you’ve met all the residence requirements.

However, in emergency cases and authentic pleas, the processing time gets shortened to two to three working days. In this case, you might be charged some extra fee.

Dual Citizenship in Portugal

The Portuguese government allows foreigners to become citizens in the country without giving up their original citizenship.

So, if you’re looking for a new country to call home and have dual citizenship, Portugal is an excellent choice. But, you’re required to check with your native country whether it permits dual citizenship. If it does, you can keep both. If not, you’ll have to choose between the two.

Portuguese Passport Eligibility

After a minimum of five years of living with a Portuguese investment visa, you can apply for citizenship. To do so, you’re required to take a Portuguese test. You can take the test at any time before your application is complete.

Ever since the UK voted to leave the EU, the British people have been looking for ways to live in Portugal as a UK citizen on a permanent basis.

Renewing a Portuguese Passport

The Portugal passport has a span of five years and you can get it renewed. Therefore, if your passport is due to expire in the next six months, you can apply for a replacement.

Note that when your passport expires, you can’t get it renewed. Furthermore, you will need to go through the entire passport obtaining process all over again.

In addition, the Portuguese passport renewal costs €100. But do note that if you’re applying for an early renewal, no matter what the reason is (a stolen or lost passport), you will be required to pay an additional fee.

Passport Costs

The application fee for citizenship ranges from €175–250, depending on which category you’re applying under. For instance, children eligible for citizenship through descent can apply for a Portuguese passport for free.

In a different scenario, the passport costs around €100 to get if you’re applying for Portuguese citizenship abroad. However, a typical application will cost just €65, but this varies according to where you’re from and your personal situation.

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