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Essential Guidelines for Second Citizenship

Updated: 8 July 2021

To apply for a second citizenship is an important decision. One should pay attention to every detail before making a move for it. There are numerous points to take into consideration before the application for a second passport. Here are several crucial points that might help potential applicants with their decision-making.

Past Experiences with Visa Applications

Past experiences with visa applications might be the most important aspect of the citizenship by investment program application processes. One of the first things that due diligence process looks for is the past visa applications. If there are any rejections in the history of the applicant, the application will be rejected. If the applicant had been rejected by any country that has visa agreements with the particular country of application, the government will reject the Golden Visa application.

Coverage of the Application

Including dependents apart from the main applicant into the application of an investor visa is not an unusual occurrence. Yet it is crucial for the applicants to know the coverage of their programs. Hiring a qualified consultant for this part is always a good idea. Since an error at this point might lead to negative consequences, it is better to be safe than sorry. If the application is invalid, it might lead to unnecessary delays and expenditures.

Dependents include children, spouse and parents of the main applicant or of the spouse who are financially dependent on the main applicant. Children must be enrolled in full time studies and proof financial dependency on the parents. Currently, only one citizenship by investment program accepts siblings of the main applicant or the spouse. These siblings must be unmarried regardless of their age.

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