Curaçao Investor Permit Program: Route to Dutch Citizenship

Updated: 28 March 2023

People from across the globe share some common interests; visa-free travel, family security, hassle-free life, financial security, and privacy. To achieve these all, citizenship by investment programs plays an important role. Citizenship by investment or investor permit program means the government grants citizenship to prospective applicants and their family members in exchange for an investment that can be used for the nation’s growth and prosperity.   

Curaçao is the largest island within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and home to about 160,000 people. Curacao has a thriving tourism industry and an open economy. Thanks to its strategic location between north and south America, the island plays a major role in international trade. Since 2014, Curaçao has been offering an investor permit program, enabling international investors to get residency and Dutch citizenship only after five years.

What Is Curaçao Investor Permit Program

The Curaçao investor permit program was launched in 2014 by the Curaçao government. In this scheme, the government welcomes high net worth investors to invest and obtain residency in the island nation. After five years of taking the permit, the applicants become eligible for Dutch citizenship.

The uniqueness of the Curaçao investor permit program is that it’s a path to European citizenship. Under this program, you become eligible for Dutch citizenship. Plus, once you make the investment and get your residence on this Caribbean island, you get the right to live in the Netherlands, too. Only a few countries offer such benefits through their residence and citizenship programs.

Requirements for Curaçao Investor Permit Program

There are some basic requirements to become eligible for Curaçao Investor Permit Program:

  • You have sufficient financial resources to meet the investment commitments
  • You have no criminal history
  • You have a private health insurance policy 
  • You’re able to demonstrate that you’ve made or are ready to make an investment of a minimum of $280,000 
  • You’re able to show the source of your funds.

Note that some additional documents can be requested such as a letter from the bank.

Investment Methods for Curaçao Investor Permit Program

There are three investment methods under the program. Each has its own set of investment amounts.

Real Estate Investment

As an investor, you can make a real estate investment in Curaçao to get your residence permit. 

Investment in a Local Company

Another option is to make an investment in a locally operating company through incorporation or purchase of shares. The requirement is that the company has a local substance: It runs a business, there is one local director and a local financial administration. 

Investment in a Company Listed on Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX)

One other method is making an investment in a company that has been listed on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange in Curaçao. The requirement is that the issuer of the securities is a local company and has local substance as we’ve mentioned above.

Minimum Investment Amounts 

There are three different investment amounts for Curaçao Investor Permit program. Each type comes with a different type of validity.

$280,000 Investment for a 3-Year Residence Permit

Under this method, you have the option of making a $280,000 investment in real estate or business venture. You can renew your permit as long as you keep the investment, and seek citizenship at the end of five years.

$420,000 Investment for a 5-Year Residence Permit

With this method, you can make an investment of $420,000 in real estate or business and become eligible for a residence permit. After five years, you become eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship.

$838,000 Investment for an Indefinite Residence Permit

If you make an investment of $838,000 in real estate or business, you can be eligible for an indefinite residence permit. Like the previous methods, you can apply for Dutch citizenship after five years.

Benefits of Curaçao Investor Permit Program

Curaçao Investor Permit Program offers many benefits to investors. Below we’ve listed some of the main ones.

Become a Dutch Citizen Only After Five Years

Granting Dutch citizenship at the end of five years is the biggest highlight of Curaçao Investor Permit Program. So if you make a qualifying investment in the Caribbean, you become eligible for European citizenship. This is one of the quickest routes to European citizenship by investment.

Live on a Beautiful Caribbean Island 

Curaçao has its own rhythm and tempo, as well as a work-life balance. Curaçao offers a unique combination of life benefits, including sun, sea, and sand, an international community with wonderful venues for socializing or doing business, excellent facilities, a creative vibe.

Include Your Family

Curaçao Investor Permit Program allows family inclusion. So when you’re making your application as the main applicant, you’re able to add your spouse and children.

Flexible Investment Alternatives

Curaçao Investor Permit Program offers different types of investment methods, such as real estate and business, as we’ve explained above. Depending on your preference, you can choose the investment method that suits your needs.

Step By Step Guide 

The application process for Curaçao Investor Permit Program is very straightforward and easy.

Step 1: Decide on your investment

As the first step, you should decide which investment type you’re going to apply for. You can choose to go with the investment amount of $280,000, $420,000, or $838,000 in exchange for a  residence permit that is valid for a different period.

Step 2: Start your application

If all your documents are ready, you can proceed and start your application. Make sure there is no missing document as this will delay the process. 

Step 3: Get your Curaçao residence permit

Once your application has been approved, you can expect to get your first residence permit. Now, you can start to enjoy your new life on the island.

Step 4: Renew your residence permit

If your residence permit is valid for three years, you’ll be eligible for renewal after this period is over. If it is valid for five years, you can renew it at the end of five years. Note that you’re also eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship at the end of five years.

Step 5: Get Your Dutch Passport

Curaçao Investor Permit program is a route to Dutch citizenship if you keep your investment and abide by the residence rules. Dutch passport gives you visa-free access to over 185 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK.


Curaçao Investor Permit program stands as an alternative to investors who are seeking business opportunities while getting residency on a beautiful island and attaining European citizenship after five years.

The island’s status inside the Dutch Kingdom, strategic location as a crossroads between South America and Europe, and strong multilingual workforce provide a one-of-a-kind package for corporate worldwide investors and/or residents.

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