Among the Best from the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda

Updated: 12 July 2021

A twin-island nation like St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda is a paradise in the Caribbean. Country’s entrance into the arena of citizenship by investment programs is relatively recent, but Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program is gaining popularity fast.

“The gem of the Caribbean” offers its applicants a highly transparent application process by which it gains trust among investors quickly. Moreover, the real estate investment option of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship application is quite popular, because the quality is high compared to other countries and the nature of the country is just attractive beyond imagination.

Antigua and Barbuda’s offerings in terms of mobility are also quite appetizing. While the idea of one’s home country constituting an obstacle to freedom of travelling is imperfect and unfair, Antigua and Barbuda passport can help its applicants to overcome this issue.

Antigua and Barbuda Enters the Stage

Only after five years since it has been launched, Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, being one of the most recent programs around, manages to gain immense popularity among investors. As a natural outcome of its transparent and trustworthy process management, fast turnaround and great real estate possibilities, Antigua and Barbuda citizenship attracts the attention it deserves. Furthermore, the country recently reduced its processing fees and gave the program another competitive edge.

In accordance with its high quality service, Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program gains the recognition it deserves. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program is very much appreciated as the best in the Caribbean due to its transparent, accountable and efficient features.

One of the biggest advantages offered by Antigua and Barbuda passport is the visa-free travel to more than 135 countries including the UK, the Schengen Area, Hong Kong and Singapore. Antigua and Barbuda does not impose restrictions on having dual nationality either. Once the applicant meets the requirements for citizenship, they can have their second passport and enjoy visa-free travel across the globe.

Investment requirements

The applicant may choose among three types of investment when applying for Antigua and Barbuda passport. One of them is to make a contribution of $100,000 to either the NDF or an approved charity.
The second option is to invest in real estate. This option requires the applicant to purchase a property of at least $400,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area and to keep it for at least five years.
The third and final option is to invest $1.5m to establish a business. This can be a joint investment comprising two or more people, as long as each person contributes at least $400,000, and the total joint investment comes to a minimum of $5m.

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